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"Wondering where you've been all my life, I just started living. Are you listening?"

Izi's POV

I woke up the next morning completely naked in a room I didn't recognize. It took me a while to remember what happened the night before, I sat up in the bed and pulled the blanket over my chest. I looked to the side expecting to see Liam peacefully sleeping but he was gone. Well this is fucking awkward. What do I do now? I was half planning my escape route out his bedroom window when a light knock on the door pulled my from my thoughts. Liam stood there in nothing but grey tracksuit pants, hanging low on his hips, a mug in each of his hands. I smiled up at him as he came and sat down on the bed. He handed me the cup of coffee and I graciously accepted, taking a sip and letting the warm liquid run down my throat. We sat in silence as we both sipped our coffee. He cleared his throat and I turned to look at him;

"Ah, listen. I don't do that often. I was really wasted and I hope I didn't give you the wrong impression of me."
I laughed at his awkwardness and he frowned slightly.

"Don't even worry about it," I assured him, "shit like that happens. I was pissed as well and we had fun so who cares." He looked relieved that I wasn't making the situation hard for him.

"Thank god," he sighed, "I just thought it might be weird because we'll obviously be seeing a lot of each other now because of Harry." My mind darted back to the long haired boy who I'd forgotten about entirely in last nights escapades.

"So," he continued "no awkwardness then? We just pretend it never happened?"

"Sounds good to me." I smiled at him and he returned it. He took another sip of his coffee and placed it on the bedside table before he spoke,

"Before we pretend it never happened.. If I'm being honest with you, that was one of the best roots I've ever had."

"I was thinking the exact same thing." I said, raising my eyebrows at him causing both of us to laugh.

"Aright, I need to go home. Do you want to go and collect my clothes for me?" I asked sweetly. He jumped up at my request, padding out of the room to retrieve them for me. He came back and chucked them onto the bed.

"I'll find your shoes." He called as he left the room again. I slipped my underwear on before stepping into my dress and pulling it over my shoulders. I was zipping it up as he came back with only one of my white high heels.

"Can't find the other one, gonna look around." He chucked me my shoe and I caught it with one hand. I followed him out into the living room as he bent down to look under the couch. Suddenly the doorbell rang,

"Can you get that?" he called, half his arm reaching under the couch placed in the middle of the room.

"Sure.." I mumbled, putting my stray shoe on the ground and going to open the front door. I swung it open to reveal a very confused Harry, who turned and looked at his surroundings,

"This isn't your house." he stated quite simply.

"Wow, you're not as dumb as you look. Are you?" I teased, earning a sarcastic laugh from him.

"What are you doing here?" his eyes raking over my body, clearly noticing I was in last nights clothes.

"Oh, um well.." I trailed off as Liam came to the door.

"Found it!" he shouted, triumphantly holding up my missing shoe. "Oh hey man." he said casually upon seeing Harry at his front door.
Harry stared at us both for what felt like ten minutes before he spoke,

"Ah, was coming to see if you wanted to get a late lunch but if you're busy I can leave.."

"Nah it's cool, Izi was just leaving. She was a bit too drunk last night so I brought her back here." He stated, slightly too quickly. Harry's eyes turned to me and I gave him a big smile, hoping he'd buy Liam's lie.

"Right, okay. So, lunch?" he said, clearly changing the topic.

"Ah, yeah sure. Let me get changed. Give me half an hour and I'll meet you at Chiltern?" He replied, turning to face me, "I'll see you soon, yeah?" as he placed a kiss on my cheek. I nodded.

"Come on, I'll drive you home first." Harry said to me, breaking me from my thoughts. Liam handed me my shoes and I thanked him, following Harry out to his Audi. He held my door open and closed it after me, before walking around to the passenger side and getting in. The car ride to mine wasn't long, about 10 minutes, but we were silent the whole time. It wasn't an awkward silence, just nothing needed to be said. He pulled up out the front of my apartment. I took my seatbelt off and turned to give him a kiss and thank him before he spoke;

"I was worried about you last night. I didn't know where you'd gone." His eyes narrowed slightly and I brushed it off.

"Yeah, I went to have a smoke and the booze hit me really hard. Liam was leaving so he said he'd take me home." I smiled at him but his expression didn't change,

"Just let me know next time you're going to go home with one of my band mates.."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I was slightly offended by his comment.

"Nothing. I'm glad you're okay and that you're making friends." He flashed his trademark smile at me. Fuck, this guy was confusing.

"Alright," I said, not wanting the conversation to go any further. "thanks for the lift." I leant over and placed a kiss on his cheek before opening my door and hopping out.

"I'll see you later this week?" He nodded at my question before starting his engine and driving off. I fished my keys out of my bag and unlocked the door to my flat, getting inside and instantly collapsing on the bed. What the fuck was going on?

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