"Guys," Harry called, getting their attention, "this is Izi!"
A sing song of 'heeeeeeey' echoed from the table as I smiled politely.

"Ah, so this is Izi!" Louis slurred, standing up as he leant over and placed a kiss on my cheek. "You're the one who saved our boy here from death!" He joked, earning a filthy look from Harry.

"I kid, I kid. It's nice to meet you Izi." he said as he turned back to his friends and finished off his beer. Liam was next to approach us, nearly falling over as the result of too much to drink. He put his arm around Harry and placed his hand on his chest for balance.

"I'm Liam. How are you, love?" he asked politely, trying to act as sober as possible. He gave me a sloppy smile and I laughed at him.

"I know you are, and I'm great thanks!" I replied, relaxing more into the environment. I watched as Liam's eyes fell from my face to my cleavage, but thought nothing of it. We stood and chatted for a while and had a few drinks before Liam announced he was going to have a cigarette, I said I'd join him as Harry left to continue his conversation with Nick. Liam lead me to a back door and pushed it open revealing a small courtyard adorned with fairy lights. As the heavy door slammed behind us we were left in a silence. I pulled my cigarettes out of my bag and lit one. Liam watched me the entire time, reaching out to take my lighter and light his own. I leaned against the wall and watched him as he inhaled, he held the smoke in for a moment before he spoke;

"So what's the deal with you and Harry?"
I was slightly taken aback by his question,

"Nothing. Why?" I replied, bringing my cigarette to my lips to take a drag. He shrugged.

"Just wondering. Are you dating, or?" he asked, not looking at me.

"No, trust me we're just friends."

"Mmk cool."
An awkward silence took over.

"Why..?" I questioned, resting my head back against the wall and letting the effect of too much alcohol wash over my body.

"No reason," he came to lean against the wall next to me, "It's good because now I can flirt with you."
I turned my head and looked at him, a sly smile playing on his face.

"Haven't you got a girlfriend?" I asked, his arm brushing against mine slightly as he took the last drag of his cigarette before dropping it on the ground.

"What, Sophia? Nah, we broke up months ago."

"Fair enough." I replied, dropping my cigarette next to his and stepping on it, his eyes watched me the entire time.
We stood in silence again, only the quiet bass from the music inside filling the courtyard.

"Are you drunk?" he asked suddenly, I turned to him and nodded before we both burst into a fit of laughter.

"Good, come and dance with me." He took my hand and lead me back into the crowded room. We weaved our way through people until we made it into the middle of the dance floor. The upbeat pop music surrounded us as we moved together amongst the crowd of party goers. I threw my arms up above my head as he jokingly sung me the lyrics to the remix of Rita Ora's 'how we do', a stupid smile plastered on both of our faces. He took my hand and spun me around, pulling me back into his chest as the song ended. He took a bow and I curtsied, laughing along with him. Another song started, the beat slow but heavy as we moved together. His hands found their way to my hips as I wrapped my arms around his neck, our bodies flush against each other. The look in his eyes changed from playful, to full of lust. He pressed his groin into mine as I swayed my hips to the beat. I could feel he was starting to get hard and I loved it. I hadn't had sex in months and the way his strong body held mine was turning me on. I ran my hands up his neck and into his hair, his hands fell to my ass and gave it a light squeeze, a tiny moan falling from my lips. I turned around and he grabbed my hips and pulled me back into him, our bodies still moving to the beat. I swept my hair to one side and let his lips move over my neck, relaxing back into him as he held me tight. His lips trailed up to my ear, giving a slight nibble before he whispered;

"Come home with me."
I didn't even hesitate, and let him pull me out of the bar and into the car waiting around the back. His eyes were on me for the entire car ride, his hand sliding up my thigh in anticipation. When we arrived at his house I was flustered, I needed him to touch me. To fuck me. He thanked the driver quickly and ushered me inside. He'd barely even shut the door before he had me pressed against the wall, kissing me. His hands fell down to grab my ass again as I ran mine through his hair. It was frantic and needy, he held the back of my thighs and lifted me up, pressing himself into me and pinning me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist, clearly feeling his hard dick through the material of his suit pants. He moved me from the wall and walked me to what I assumed was his bedroom, kicking the door open before dropping me on the bed, hovering over me. Our lips barely parted as he pulled his shirt over his head and I frantically reached to undo his belt. I pulled him out of his pants and held him in my hand, giving a slight squeeze causing him to break our kiss and drop his head at the sensation. I quickly worked his dick in my hand for a while as he leant down and placed small kisses up my neck.

"Mm, nup I'm gonna cum if you don't stop," he whispered, even though we were alone, "I wanna taste you." He pulled out of my hands and pushed my dress up around my waist. His thumb instantly finding my clit and pressing down hard on it, causing me to arch my back. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of my white lace panties and pulled them down my legs. Spreading them as he bent down and licked up my slit, I threw my head back and my hands instantly tangled in his hair. He worked his tongue around my clit, sucking on it harshly before he slowly pushed two fingers inside me. I couldn't control myself, I was a writhing mess as he brought me closer and closer to my orgasm. Just as I felt myself about to come undone he took his fingers out of me. Pulling my dress over my head he brought his face up to mine as he lined up his cock with my entrance.

"You okay?" he whispered, I nodded, urging him to go on. He slowly pushed into me, the sensation causing us both to let out an audible moan. He lifted my leg over his shoulder and slowly thrust in and out. Our breathing was shaky and desperate as I clung to his back. He kissed me hard, speeding up his thrusts and soon he was pounding into me with everything he had, the sound of moans all that was filling the silent room. He lifted my hips slightly and got me at a new angle, my walls clenching around him as he reached down to rub my clit.

"Ah, fuck, yes, keep going, keep going.." I breathed into his ear. He kept his pace as my orgasm washed over me, my nails surely leaving marks in his back. He let me ride it out, his hands and mouth on me the entire time. He quickened his pace, his head dropping to my shoulder as he started to come undone. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper into me. His breathing was heavy and his thrusts were getting sloppy.

"Ohh, I'm.. I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Ohhhhhh.." he whimpered, pulling out of me and releasing himself onto my stomach. He slowed his breathing down and collapsed next to me. He reached over and grabbed a box of tissues, handing them to me to clean myself up. Our chests rising and falling steadily as we caught our breath. He rolled over and slipped in under the covers, pulling the other side back and urging me to hop in. I did, and he covered us up, slinging an arm around my waist as we both fell into a deep sleep.

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