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Pen Your Pride

He cheated (requested)

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Tears stream down your eyes as you see his lips touching hers .You were there , standing and watching your boyfriend kissing another girl . He broke the kiss and started saying to her - ' Look this is not right I love my girl..' He didn't finish when he saw you broken waching the whole thing tears streaming down your face , he never saw you hurt and he didn't mean to hurt you . As soon as he saw you his eyes turned red he started crying just as much as you . You turned around and started walking. He started walking after you when you finaly made it to the apartment that you and Harry were sharing  you sat on the floor and put you head in your hands and cryed even more Harry came to you and started - 'Babe , I- I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me I have no idea why I kissed that girl I swear you are the only one for me' you just sat there still crying ' I get that you hate me and that you are gonna leave me I know I messed up and that there is no second chance I'm so sorry about that but I want you to know that I'm never gonna forget you and that I will always love you and that I never EVER ment to hurt you ' - he finished as he cryed even harder 'Well I'm glad that I don't have to brake the news to you' - you said and got up , you walked to the room where you and Harry slept and packed your things . You got out of the room when you were done with two suitcases following you .You were about to leave when Harry said - ' I love you' ' I love you too '-you said in tears looking in his eyes and you left . You were staying at Eleanors house sence the fight and you were looking for a place you can rent but you didn't seem to find anything . It has been 2 weeks sence the break up and you were still depresed. You loged in to twitter and saw that he was doing a tweetcam you started waching the tweetcam when one tweet from some girl whos tweeter name is @alliestyles2356 tweeted @alliestyles2356 : It's a good thing you broke up with that slut she was such a bitch for cheating on you. aperently the tweet got Harrys atention . 'You can't say that about Y/N .She is the sweetest girl ever and she was the best thing in my life'.You were suprised but happy he had said that . @alliestyles2356 : I touth she cheated on you . The girl tweeted again. 'No, no she didn't . I hurt her I kissed another girl and hurt the love of my life. I did something I never wanted the last thing I wanted was to hurt her but I did and I regret it .I realy do . I love her more than anything so please stop the hate'.You saw a tear stream down his cheek .You grabed your phone and  texted him : I love you too much to let this get between us as long as you promise never to hurt me like that.xx . I saw his face light up when he saw the text and said - ' sorry guys I have to meet up with someone love you all , to make up to you I'll do a follow spree later today or tomorow I swear bye' . You got a text saying : babe where are you and I promise I'll never hurt you again never xoxo. On that you replyed : ' I'll meet you at our place in 15. You got dressed and got to your place you saw Harry outside waiting for you . You smiled and ran to him and hugged  him and kissed him with passion 'I love you don't mess that up' - you said 'I love you more baby girl forever' . After that you had a lazy day in bed kissing and he never hurt you again never. 


this one is for Chachi_Gonzalez

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