The duo walked down the street, and Ana could tell Arthur felt weird about this. He wasn't used to it, Ana knew. He was used to the smell of the gardens, the bright green leaves, and the stone of the castle. He was not used to the dusty ground, the smell of actual horse shit, children yelling, coughing, sickness in the air, although every one was already used to it. Except for the prince. There was a man on the ground with a metal cup, begging for even a cooper piece. He was old, but you could tell he was a very handsome man in his youth. The sides of his eyes were crinkled, there was a dirt splatter on his right cheek. His clothes were old and tattered, and were clearly too small for the tall man.

"Please, my kind lady. Even a cooper piece would be greatly appreciated." He begged, his voice cracking. Anastasia felt pity for him. Nobody should be forced into this position. She opened up the brown leather bag that she was carrying. It was filled with gold coins, and a lot of food. She took out two large loaves of bread and handed it to the man. He took it gratefully, eating a bite of the bread the moment he got it in his shaking hands. Ana took out some silver pieces that she had saved up and handed it to him as well.

"This is for some warmer clothes. It's getting cold outside, it's better to be warm." She smiled.

"Thank you, so much, my lady. I'll be in your debt.. When I get back on my feet I promise to repay you." He grinned, looking at the coins with an indebted look on his face.

"There is no need for that. Just take care of yourself, yes? If you are ever in need of help just look for me in the castle." He kissed her hand several times. Finally, he took note of the man who stood behind her.

"Oh! Your highness! I apologize for bothering you!" He cried out, kissing Arthur's feet. Ana looked up at Arthur, and he was quite obviously more uncomfortable than he was originally. Arthur looked at Ana and nodded.

  "Yes, of course, no, it wasn't a bother at all. If you need help, just.. Uhm, talk to me and I'll help I suppose." Arthur told the man. The man simply gave a smile and returned to sitting against the crates, eating his bread loaf.

Arthur and Ana made their way further down the market, where people spoke in whispers about the prince being at a place like this.

"You know, we could come back some other time, I'm sure the tailor is very busy right now.." Arthur started, turning back. Ana stopped in her steps.

"No. We're getting you clothes, today and now. Don't feel troubled here. The people just aren't used to you royals coming to where they live. You do tend to keep yourself within the castle only. I promise, if you would come here more often, people wouldn't speak about it. It's just different. Now, were going to get you clothes." She stated, going back on her journey to the tailor. Arthur sighed in exasperation but followed. They had finally arrived at a house made of wood, and some stones put of here and there for foundation. There was a sign, with beautiful letters that spelled 'Clothes For A King!'. The two entered, and the older woman making clothes let out a gasp when she saw the prince.

"Your highness! W-What do you need today?" She asked, standing up and leaving her current project.It looked like a blue dress, long and beautiful. Arthur looked at Anastasia and raised and eyebrow.

"What do I need today, Ana?" He asked. She rolled her eyes, but smiled at the woman.

"Yes, the prince here needs new clothes, shirts, around ten of them, it doesnt matter the color, something that fits him a bit tighter, perhaps? A coat, as well, for him. It's turning into winter, and I haven't seen any winter clothes in his wardrobe that actually fit him. Perhaps, for the shirts, have it outlined with some special details. Lace, I suppose. We'll pay for any expense you have."

"Oh, no, this is all free! For the prince, I'll do it for nothing at all." The woman smiled. Ana shook her head.

"Of course not, we must pay you. Once the clothes are all done, we'll pay you all it cost and more. I assume, you can do this correct?"

"I can. I'll do it gladly. I'll have it all done within the next two weeks. I hope I'll see you then, your highness." She smiled and bowed.

"Thank you.." Arthur said, trailing off, not knowing the name of the woman he was thanking.


"Thank you, Sarrah. I will see you within the week." He told her, a small smile on his lips. He gave Ana a nod and walked out. Ana nodded to Sarrah and followed suit behind Arthur.

"There. Now we can go back to the castle." She told him. Arthur gave a smile to Ana and shook his head.

"No, I was thinking perhaps we could walk around a bit more. So that you could get out of the castle, you know. I have no business here but... I'll walk around here a bit more for you." He told her, acting as if he truly didn't want to be there. Ana let out a grin.

"Alright. Come on follow me then, there's some jewelry I saw earlier." She said, dragging him to the market stalls. There were beautiful jewels, women selling fruits and breads, children selling flowers, hoping for a profit. The duo walked around, looking at the items for sale, making jokes, buying all the flowers from the children and putting them in each other's hair. They laughed with each other for the rest of the day, until the sun began to set. Finally the two walked to a stall where a man was putting away necklaces and rings. Anastasia looked around and saw a beautiful necklace. It was gold, with diamonds giving it it's glow. They were small diamonds, but they shined like the moon. Ana frowned, realizing she would never be able to afford it, and instead, she looked at the rings on another stall. Arthur saw her looking at the necklace, and spoke to the man.

Anastasia was playing tag with the children, waiting for Arthur to finish looking. She felt a tap on her shoulder. There stood Arthur, with his hands behind his back.

"Are you ready then?" She asked. He shook his head.

"Not quite yet. Here, turn around, I have a present." He told her. She raised a brow, but turned. Arthur's hands went in front of her, and Anastasia saw the necklace, and her jaw dropped.


"Don't say anything. It's a present, and its non refundable." He smiled, turning her around to see how she looked. She looked like a princess. Ana's face turned red, and she let out a smile.

"Thank you Arthur. Really."

"It's late, we should get back."


Arthur had walked her down to the shared room.

"Thank you for today, Ana. It was.. It was a good day. Better than most, I actually enjoyed myself." He told her.

"No, I should be thanking you. I had fun today as well. It's late. I should get back before Merlin worries."

"Before you go.." He started, and ended it by putting his hand on her cheek, and leaning down to kiss her. It was soft, and gentle, and Ana smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow then." He told her, his forehead resting on hers, before leaving with a grin on his face.

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