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Part 2!!!: Ryder Baker







Ryder Baker was one of the most popular guys at Seneca Hish school. He had girls falling left and right and kissing the ground he walked. Ryder had short straight almond hair, attention grabbing brown eyes, and was tall and muscular, as he was the leading center for the school team.

Ryder was an all-A student and drove girls insane with his signature bleach-white smile.

Ryder stood in the hallways, in his usual position. One arm snaked around girlfriend number 3, Delaney, out of four, surrounded by the rest of the populars. As a player his number one rule, was to keep the relationships limited to one month maximum.

Though life seemed perfect for Ryder, he had one, red-haired skinny misfit problem. Sierra Anderson. She had never spared him a glance, and it drove him past insanity. Why would any girl in their right mind not be thee slightest bit attracted to him? Ryder had no romantic interest in her, because she of what she would do to his reputation. Following his senses, she would be smart enough not to fall for his facade. But what about his killer good looks?

Sierra was in his Advanced Placement literature class. She was the smartest person there. In that class they are in groups of two. Sierra being his partner. When they talked, which rarely happened, all of the other girls, would give her envious glares. He would always stick up for her to those girls, they were not friends, just friendly acquaintances.


Life as Ryder Baker wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Yes, at school he was an sensational hockey player, he was smart, dashing good looks, beautiful girlfriends, but at home he was none of that. His father was abusive over him and his mother. Even though Ryder was strong, his father was far stronger. He was a part-time personal trainer, and a track coach for a high school a few towns over.


When Ryder arrived home, one autumn day Ryder came home, his father had came home an hour earlier, to find a girl wandering the house, at the time that was girlfriend number two. Unexpectedly, girlfriend number four showed up. A lot of explaining to do for that. His father threatened shoot number two because he thought it was a thief.

Ryder came home roughly once a week to a beating. His father would burst into burst into Ryder’s room at late hours and yell at him what an un grateful lazy-ass piece of shit he was.




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