Wonderland Magical Academy: Touch of Fire

This is all about Clauss Park and Xyra Buenafuerte's love story


        Xyra Buenafuete has been transferred into Wonderland Magical Academy because of some weird ability she possessed. Being shocked by discovering what's waiting for her in this Academy, she met this guy, Clauss Park, who doesn't trust and befriended anyone. Nakaramdam siya ng pagnanais na maging kaibigan ang lalaking ito at hindi naisip na maaari siyang umibig dito.

       His blazing fire touched her heart and she trusted him with all her heart. Sa biglang pag-alis nito sa Wonderland Magical Academy ay nakaramdam siya ng sobrang kalungkutan. Months later, she met him in the season where power users are being hunted by the Dark Wizards and then discovered that Clauss was one of these power user hunters.

       Anong gagawin niya kung ang lalaking mahal niya ang magiging dahilan upang mapahamak siya?


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