he's here?/ no one's stopping me going the talent show?

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hey guys so enjoy I know I haven't wrote in a few days my life is hectic at the moment I need to revise for an up coming humanities gcse and to be honest I can't get my head around the idea of it so need a lot of revision before that begin's, I also am trying to write a bit of my new story but I haven't posted it yet I want to get a lot of chapter's done before I start to upload them so enjoy I hope you like it.



God, why is it every time something good happens to me, a little bad thing come's along and makes it the worst thing ever. I hadn't sung in a while, last time I sung was just before monster died, he told me I was going to be great one day and it suddenly hit me; I can't do it because he believes in me. If he believed and It goes wrong it would crush his heart. So I never sung from that day, I wrote song's and poems but I never composed them. So being on this talent show was a big jump for me I'm going to sing you raise me up by west life, with the gang. Jenna and Mitch always jump to conclusions they think the gang are some gangster's or something. When really it's two football jock's, Luke and my old music partner. So they are really blowing it out of proportion. Tonight the two pack's will see, no wonder it's a full house, were having to move it outside onto the football pitch with everyone sitting on the stands. I told Jenna to not let Sam go to the stands only the house because I know I won't be able to sing in front of him.


sorry for the skip forward ,

later that night



I was standing on pitch looking up at the stands. Everyone was here, I saw mum and dad leading the two pack's with Sam's dad onto the stand's. All the contestants were on the sideline's of the pitch. I turned and saw the impossible, Jenna, Luke, Mitch and you never would have guessed Sam leaning against the railing's. I went over to Luke, he shifted so he could see me.

"Luke, ermmm... the gang need's to go through the amps with you, so we need you over there now." I stuttered for a second, I could feel his eye's burning a hole in my skull.

"But they just went through them? Why do they need to again?" God the human was getting on my nerve's. Even when Jenna broke it off with him, he still flirt's with her.

"One of the guys messed with one and screwed it up, it's not like flirting with Jenna is helping, once Taylor see's you your dead meat pup," I laughed at his exspression "Don't worry about it, just get your arse were it's needed, oh and by the way your guitars on the left now, one of the jock brother's moved it." He laugh at the nickname I gave them and ran off.

"He really trust you Rosy," Jenna spoke it confused me. "But really singing that song, isn't what your heart's telling you to do is it?" I gave her a sad look, but it soon changed when I saw the pity in her eyes. "It might not be what it's telling me Jenna, but the last time I listened to my heart my brother was killed so don't tell me what the right thing to do is." I ran away from them and over to the group with one lat look back I knew she was right, now it was my decision.

"Thank's guy's for what you've done but there's been a change of plan." They smiled at me, why are they smiling! "Rosy, when you first asked us to do this we knew you would change your mind. We also agree with you but only that you do it on your own." I nodded and watched them walk over to Jenna and Sam. Jenna smiled at me when I picked up my old guitar. I walked over to the annoucer's and told him the plan. After practising the song for five minuets, I heard my name being called. I wasn't just doing this song for me but for my brother. I walked onto the stage and I could hear the cheer's of the pack's It made me want to cry with pride.

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