Chapter 1(Twilight)

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(Character of Crystal. Very happy to use Anna Faith. Just imagine her eyes as the ones on Twilight)


Jasper and I were riding our horses talking too each other.

"Oh come on Jasper. I'm getting married wether you like it or not. See?" I showed him the ring on my finger. It was gold with a big crystal on it.

"Uhh. It's just that your my baby sister." He smiled at me.

"I'm only one year younger." I complained.

We then continued to ride when we came upon three women. Jasper got off of his horse and took his hat off. The one with black hair looked at him weirdly then she bit him. My eyes went wide as Jasper fell on the ground screaming in pain.

"JASPER!" I yelled and got off my horse lifting up my dress so I could run to him. I kneeled down beside him not knowing what to do. I looked at the women that were smirking.

"What did you do?" My eyes stained with tears.

"Don't worry I'll make it all better. This will just pinch a little." She smirks at me then bites my neck. I scream in agony.


I got put out of my thoughts when Edward was shaking my arm.

"You ok?" He looked into my eyes.

"I'm fine." I got up and was walking away. To be honest. I wasn't.

"Crystal!" I turned to him.

"Hey. Stay out of my mind." He just laughed.

Everyone vampire has a power. Like Edward. His annoys me the most, he is a mind reader. I can control earths elements. I never found another vampire with the same gift as me. It's very rare.

We got to school as walked started heading for the doors. Jasper and I are still known as new borns. Since we are still skeptical about human blood from all the years.


I was sitting with my new friends when I saw a group of kids coming in.

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Oh. Those are the Cullen's. Their super weird. Their all adopted but they are really. Really close." Jessica said looking at them.

"It's not like their related." Angela said.

"Ya but they all live together." Jessica talked back.

I then turned and saw them come in.

"Those ones right there. That blonde with the muscular guy is Rosalie, she hates everyone, then the muscular guy is Emmet."

I then saw a pixie girl with a blonde hair boy.

"That little one who's always happy is Alice. And the one who looks like he's always in pain is Jasper."

"Who's that?" I saw a hot guy with short brown hair walk in.

"Oh. That's Edward. He's the super cute one." Jessica said. She was abut to say something else when the door opened again. All the Cullen's looked up.

"There she is." Jessica had an irritated look on her face.

"She's the youngest. Her name is Crystal. She's also the other one who looks like she's always in pain. She's actually related to Jasper. The other weird thing about her is that she always where's a wedding ring on her right hand. Every guy here has a crush on her." She spat out with disgust.

"And the strange thing is. She has a tattoo on her wrist. She's only seventeen."

I watched as she sat down next to Edward.

"Mike!" He was zoned out by looking at her.

"What? Oh sorry." She rolled her eyes.


I was sitting next to Edward playing with my ring when I saw Edward looking at someone. He then turned to me and I raised an eyebrow.

"Stop it. Crystal." That got everyone's attention.

"Looks like Eddy has a crush on a human."

Emmet smirked and Rosalie glared.

Edward got closer to my face.

"Stop. That guy over there was just looking at you." He said.

"What? All guys do it!" I looked at him.

It was time for biology. My favorite subject. I wasn't paying attention when I heard the teacher. (Ya. I just switched Edward with a different class for a reason. It's coming up.)

"Ah. You must be Isabella."

"It's just Bella." She said.

"Alright go sit next to. Ms. Cullen."

Everyone then starred at me. I rolled my eyes. She then hesitated then sat down. She must of heard of us. We were doing a lab and we were trying to light it on fire but it wasn't working. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and waved my hand. It caught on fire. Bella then looked at it then me.

"How did you?" She asked.

"Oh. I was just messing around." I smiled.

The bell rang and I got up and left. I walked to our cars and got in. We then drove home.

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