Some Random Trivia!

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We are still 2 DAYS from the release of Chapter 1: High School Catastrophe!

Have this as your prize for being patient! <3

Have this as your prize for being patient! <3

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Guess who me is? :)


1. I have a undefined amount of ideas for HSC, but I'm unsure should I use it. I'm planning to make it in the main book, so:

A] Put it in the main book. A book with both angst and school stuffs.

B] Separate the main book and the adventure one. Basically a book mainly about school stuffs, and another with random adventures.

2. During the storyline, there will be plot twist, betrayal and intriguing things, but mainly betrayal.

A] I will inform you about the character that I will use to do the betray concept.

B] I will NOT do that and keep it as a secret.

3. I am making everyone's avatar on Gacha Life 2. Is that okay?

A] Yeah, I think it's alright.

B] No, please. I am uncomfortable with it.

Yeah I think that's it.

See you soon!

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