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It's been five months now, since Rhydian left. But at least I got to stay in Stoneybridge with Tom and Shann. They kept there promise. They never did tell anyone that I was a Wolfblood.

I'm at Bernie's now, counting my change when all of a sudden everyone went quiet as my Mam came through the door. "Maddy"she said."Can you come with me. I have something well someone to show you."

On the ride home all I can think about is Rhydian. The way Tom had told me Rhydian loved me the day he left. I love him too. Though I never told him. I wanted to though but something scared me, I thought if I told him that I'd loose a friend.

The minute we got outside the house I smelt it. Another Wolfblood was here. I could tell Mam knows because she looked a me with a grin on the face and nodded towards the door.

I slowly turned the handle.

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