Author's Note: So, there was a brief pause as I've been morning the tragedies that happened in the Big Game of Thrones finale. Oh, and I had to get my day job packed out and moved out. Yes, it's official. I've taken a break from the day job to get my health back.

So, I'm all yours for the next year to write, write and write. So, the real life distractions are over, and I present to you the next chapter. This was fun since I used some things from my romance writing class. There are Romance elements called scene and sequel. I was writing with these elements a lot of the time anyway, but it was cool to be aware of them to utilize them to their full potential.

For definition sake, a scene has the action and what happens in it. The sequel has the reflection from the action before. One leads into the other like cause and effect. I think it is what makes Romance great since you really get into the character's heart rotating between scenes and sequels.

So, enjoy what I've been learning. We're getting near the climax folks. Hope you're enjoying this roller coaster. Happy reading!-Marilyn

Chapter 20

Julie's POV

So how's it going?

I sat drinking a cup of coffee in Peter's apartment. I'd gotten up first, and was enjoying the quiet of the morning view of Manhattan. I had to think about last night. Mark had texted me just in time. Weird how he had the strange BFF sixth sense. I needed a girlfriend rant. He always knew when I did.

I read Mark's text a couple of times, biting my lip trying to phrase the angst I felt. Last night, as Peter was spooning me as we were falling asleep, I was wondering what the hell was going through his head about this Jessica bitch. How did I put that just right for Mark?

Then, I smiled. I swiped to message him back. Well, I found out he has an ex-fiancée that seems to be pining away for him. She left a phone message for him. Apparently I get to meet her at the funeral. She's going to be there today.

It didn't take long for Mark to answer with: What the fuck? There's another woman that is an ex- in his life? And she's going to be there? Girl, you need to watch this careful. Sounds like she's got her sights set on getting him back.

So this is bad? My fingers shook a little while I typed back to him. I knew this was bad. This was the first hint of any of Peter's baggage. I only had a memory that haunted me.

You have to ask me? You have to compete with a past love now. How did he react to her message? He was right. Jessica was a living breathing threat.

I sent back, He was really upset. He spooned me to get to sleep.

Well, that's a good sign. But she must have hurt him. She might have some hooks in him that you've got to look out for. Men have delicate hearts, honey. I should know. Sounds like he might have gotten burned, and you've got to be there to pick up the pieces.

I read his text twice. He was right. I had to tread carefully around this Jessica today at the funeral. Peter must have been a wreck after the break up, especially if it was over cheating. I know I would have wanted to kill Stephen if I found him with a friend, if he wasn't already dead. I had to laugh at that. It was the first time I'd thought of Stephen and didn't want to cry. Thinking of Peter now didn't make me long for Stephen. I sighed. Maybe, Peter was better for me than I thought.

I typed back. You're right. I'll be on my guard today. She'll be after him somehow I'm sure. She was begging forgiveness in the message.

For what??????? Spill! I could sense the urge to make Mark wait a bit, just to make him squirm a little before I told him.

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