Warning Wattpadians!

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Hi Wattpadians

Are you guys excited for #Fitnas story? Get it, Fitnas...fitness...since Nasir was always into working out? No?...screw you guys 😑😑😑😑

I'm sure you are excited though. Anywhore, for those of you who are unaware of who the fuck Nasir and Fitz are that means you haven't read His One & Only Dark Spot. There is an order to all my werewolf stories and you can find that in a link that's in my bio. Just click it and there you go. The link doesn't work on the app for some reason, you'll have to go through the site. If you are the type to ignore obvious warnings and suggestions to read in order (because you know, it's not necessary to read them in order. I just put them in order for the hell of it. THAT IS SARCASM PEOPLE, READ THE STORIES IN ORDER!) then don't leave comments like, 'who is this?', 'I don't know these people', 'so many characters, gah?!?!'....You'd know the answers to those questions if you read in order and you won't be confused.

Read the shits in order, k? K!

This story takes place 10 years after the Epilogue of Dark Spot meaning Nasir is 23 and Fitz is 26. Why am I stating this when their ages are in the description? Because apparently people don't read the description and ask how old they are. Trust me, even with this people will ask how old they are and if they have to read a book before this one. It's the struggle I have to deal with on a daily basis. I'm used to it though, sadly, and it'll just be ignored and/or deleted. Other comments that will be deleted are the dreadfully annoying 'update' comments. This story will be updated every FRIDAY. Once a week, nothing more and nothing less. If I can't update for some reason, I'll let you know beforehand. 

So don't tell me to update, k? K!

Prologue will be posted Aug 12th, 2016

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