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Wills POV
The car ride itself was pretty bland other than Cecil looking at Lou Ellen. Every one at camp knew about Cecil crush on Lou Ellen.... Except for Lou ellen. In Till after the second giant war I had thought Lou Ellen was a lesbian she had never showed any interest in boys in till one boy showed up,and she developed a slight interest in him but that had ended as soon as she found out he was her brother. We got out of the car fiat ally and began. Now in all Percy's quests adventure starts right away and when a monster showed up they fought it as if they were tired of them. Man. I tell you the first few days were bland, and if we got a monster we jumped for joy. Finally we got a to the good part a clue. we came across a dracnae . We almost killed her but she gave us clue "ahh yesss demigodsss for your first clue you have to defeat a creature to get it" she stepped to the side and..
____________________________Nico's P.O.V_________________________,
Nothing. Absolutely nothing, I scoffed " and what is is a cloud? " I walked up to and it seemed to get darker. I went and swiped my hand through the air and something started forming. It took the shape of a human and it started forming in to Bianca? " you could have helped you could have stayed if you hadn't of played that stupid game you wouldn't of had played your stupid game I would have never of been killed!" I stumbled back, and swung with all my might but it just changed not into human but a pla- no no no anywhere but there!  Will stepped up and shot nothing happened. It took a form of a woman she looked kind of like will except brown hair instead of blond. " p-please will help me  will please" she screamed as a monster a fake one but all the same affective all the same to Will clawed her stomach and she slumped. Finally Lou Ellen stepped forward and took a flask possibly a potion I noted to myself and threw the contents at the mist it disheveled quickly " good job demigodsss your first clue is waiting for you where no person dares to go no mortal to demigod your destiny awaits. only one place for that the forests no body ever went in there and came out. Well this is gonna be nasty
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