Niall's Pov

"Going somewhere babe?"

Sh*t I'm definitely dead now. I turn around to be eye to eye with deep pair of red eyes looking straight at me

"I ask you again, are you going somewhere?" Louis asked me. His lips were almost touching me, and I could smell his minty breath. I backed up a little, he was like invading my personal space.

"No," I said, and phew, thank god I didn't sound like a chicken in front of him.

"Well to me it seems that you were trying to escape," he said stepping closer to me and I have to hit the freaking door. Can anything go any worse?

"Louis, what's going on?"

Well there you go, now I have two psychos, and the worse one's at that.

"Nothing Zayn, Here our little mate tried to escape," he said and Zayn looked at me with anger. Soon he was right in front me, wait where the hell did Louis go?! Oh, wait he is next to me as well. I felt Louis breath around my neck and I'm not feeling comfortable.

"Pl-please don't," I said, I didn't want him to bite me.

"Don't what Niall?" Louis asked me while kissing my neck, and a shivered ran down my spine.

"Yea Babe! don't you like while I kiss here" Zayn said kissing the other side of my neck. Oh my god this is not happening. I tried to get out from them, but Louis got a hold on me.

"Don't move" He growled and Zayn stared at me with lust in his eyes. Louis then picked me up and in a flashed I was in someone's room. My head iwas spinning from the sudden rush.

"You'll get use to it," Zayn said while closing the door and walking towards Louis and I. I kicked Louis in the groan and Sprinted for my safety.

"Na ah ah!" Zayn said grabbing me and throwing me to the bed.

"Louis why don't we have some fun with our mate.... I mean Liam got him yesterday, let's have him today" Zayn smirked looking straight at me and my eyes bulge out

"NO!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and tried to get out from the bed. "Please don't do this to me!' I said, but Zayn tied my right hand and Louis tied my left. I started to throw kicks and squirm.

"Ooh Feisty, I like it," Louis said and took off his shirt and so did Zayn.

"Please!" I pleaded tears coming out of my eyes.

"Shhh!, You going to enjoy it" Louis whisper in my ear while Zayn was nibbling my other. I don't want this!

"We going to rock your world Niall," Zayn said as he brought some scissors, oh god they going to kill me. I closed my eyes to prepare for the worse, but the pain never came... Instead, I heard ripping. What the hell. I opened my eyes to notice that I don't have a shirt.

I watched as Zayn licked his lips and I started to panic some more.

"Louis, why don't we show some action to our little mate here," Zayn said and Louis in a flash appeared in front of Zayn

"We want you to look Niall" said Zayn and I looked confuse as to what he wants me to see. But now I know, he was kissing Louis hungrily and they broke up the kiss but Louis started to kneel down and soon Louis took Zayn's boxer off exposing that huge monster. HOLY CRAP!

"Woah Zayn, Your huge" Louis compliment him and Zayn smirk

"Suck it!" Zayn growled, making me flinched, I didn't want to see so I closed my eyes.

"LOOK!" Zayn screeched and I open my eyes

"Good, I want you to know how ahhhhhh" Zayn was cut off when Louis begin.

Zayn was a moaning mess, I'm sensing Louis is good at that.

"E-enjoy it, b-babe" Zayn manage to say while moaning again "AHHH, faster Louis" Zayn said grabbing Louis hair and pushing him down and up "ahhh,y-yess!" Zayn said and Louis pulled out licking his lips.

"You taste amazing Zayn, but I want to know how it feels to have our mate's little mouth around Louis Junior." Louis said and walked towards me

"No no no," I said shaking my head from side to side.

"Open your mouth!" Louis said and I notice that he was pointing his devil in front of me. I shook my head no. But he grabbed my hair, making me gasp.

I soon felt his thing inside of my mouth.

"Mhhhh" I mumble trying to get him off me, but he moaned. I'm bite his thing.

"F*ck" Louis said pulling out and giving me a hard slap.

"Now you going to pay!" He said and pulled my pants off. Zayn untie me from the bed and I tried to get away, but he got my two hands in one and made me stand up and than, he tied them up again. He pushed me to the floor so I was kind of kneeling.

"No please" I cried

"You shouldn't have bite me," He said and slammed into me without even some warning. I screamed at the top of my lungs, but Zayn took this as an opportunity and slammed his thing in my mouth. I was a sobbing mess.

"P-please" I mumble with Zayn's manhood still in my mouth, but that drove him over drive, I won't bite again.

"OHHHHH Niall YOUR SO TIGHT!" Louis said slamming into me harder and faster with each thrust. While Zayn was bobbing my head up and down. After what felt like ages, I felt some warm liquid inside my mouth.

"Swallow it or else" Zayn said and I swallow too afraid of what he might do!

"Ohhh ahha mhmmm Niall!" Louis said and pushed so hard that I almost fell face flat on the floor, but I felt something warm inside my arse. I thought Louis was going to pulled off but he did a few more thrust and then he pulled off.

"Woah, We should do this more often... But with all four of us" I heard Louis said

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed and notice that I was in bed what the hell?

"Niall! You're awake! are you okay?" Louis came rushing in my room.

"Y-you, Z-zayn!" I said fearing, that they want to do it again.

"Me and Zayn what babe?" he asked confused

"YOU AND ZAYN R*PED ME!" I screamed

"Niall, We didn't r*pe you!" Louis said "Shit, GUYS!!!!!!!!" he screamed and all of them came rushing in

"Someone got into our mate's head," Louis said and I looked at him confused.

"You don't think?" Harry asked

"Oh I do!" Louis said pissed off "And once I find him, I'm going to kill him"

"What?" I asked confused

"Niall, we didn't r*pe you, none of us did," Liam said

"B-bbut you took my v-virginity!" I said and he shook his head no but smiled

"You're still a virgin Niall"

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