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Pen Your Pride

Ziall One Shot.

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Niall's P.O.V:

Okay so he may be my bestfriends big brother but he was actually the most gorgeous human being on this earth and he had just come in from a jog with a hot sweaty chest.

Wow. His beautiful tan skin was glinting with sweat as He pulled another shirt back on, but not before I let out a wolf whistle. He flung himself on my laps and began to fake snog me. "OHHHHH NIALL!" he screamed grinding my crotch. Oh no. No no no no no. Zayn leaned down from his straddling position and licked behind my ear and whispered. "Nice and hard for me huh?" he murmured. My breathing hitched as a blush creeped my cheeks. In an instant Zayn was dragging me upstairs yelling to the rest about showing me a new video game.

Zayn slammed me to the wall and began to kiss me hard, grabbing at every part of my clothing to get a good grip on something. Finally he grabbed the hem of my shirt and breaking the kiss for just seconds he yanked my shirt off. I was pushed into a bedroom with deep blue walls and a plush blue carpet.

Zayn's kisses were like a burning trail down my body as he began to leave bruises down my chest and stopped at my nipple taking it into his mouth sucking softly and rubbing his tounge over the sensitive area. My moans filled the room as Zayn moved further down and began leaving large love bites on my narrow hips.

"Mmmm Niall you little slut. Those massive blue eyes begging me to fuck you hard with my huge dick" his dirty words made my dick ache in my boxers.

"Z-Zayn fuck me!" I whimperd.

"What was that slut?"


"Okay you naughty boy. Daddys gonna teach you a lesson" he growled before whipping off my trousers and boxers to let my seven and a half inch cock slap on my stomach. Zayn flashed a devilish grin and put his fingers to my mouth and instantly I caught on and took them into my mouth, sucking and licking sloppily. He pulled them out with a pop and began to circle one round my entrance before forcefully plunging it in making me scream loud with a mix of pain and pleasure. He thrust it in quick and fast, adding another he began to scissors my tight -virgin- hole.

"Oh god Zayn!"

"That's daddy to you slut..."

"M-mmmm daddy please fuck my tight arse. Please" I gasped but he didn't relent. He only added two more fingers making my hole feel tight round his digits.

Zayn's P.O.V:

My fingers were deep in this Irish sex god and watching him sweat, writhe and moan underneath me, the occasional 'oh daddy' slipping out those puffy red lips. I yanked my fingers away and looked at his streched gaping hole and felt and instinction to lick him. Well, I did. I bent my head between his speed legs and began to suck at the soft skin of his pale milky thighs. God he was gorgeous.

Wait? Zayn? Did you just call him gorgeous? Ugh your not a fag. He is simply another fuck so just tounge fuck the slut.

I began to slowly circle my tongue round his hole before diving my tongue of to feel his soft hole clench round it. His hot little moans filled the room loud and sexilly. I couldn't resist this any more, I pulled myself up from his sexy thighs and with no warning slammed into him with force, filling him up with my 8" dick. Mmm god his velvety walls squeezed my cock as I began to snap my hips back and forward thrusting into Niall hard and fast.

"Oh daddy! I've been so naught daddy! Punish me!"

"You asked for it baby" I groaned and began to thrust harder, Niall wasn't moaning anymore he was screaming in pure ecstasy and I knew he was bringing me closer and closer to the edge but I let go as soon as Niall screamed ...

"OHHHHH DADDY YOUR BABYBOY IS CUMMING!" his load began to shoot. Thick ropes of cumulative landed on his check and him and not long adterbI had released into his hole, feeling my own juices swirl around my cock. Pulling out I saw his hole drip with my cum and I smirked, happy with my work.

I dipped my head and kissed his soft lips tenderly and reached a hand up to cup his soft beautiful cheek. I couldn't stop myself with the next words. "I love you Niall"

"I-I love you too Zayn" he mumbled. Perfect.

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