Perverted Naruto stories for PERVERTED MINDS! 18+ (Like any of you would care!)

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How the game works!

You will pick out a number and then go to that room, inside the room will be a naruto character, Unknown!
25 minutes!
Enjoy... *Perverted smile*

If you want to request take a look at the Compition chapter of this book and if your lucky and you are the first to answer correctly then you will be granted a request and i will put your name up in the winner chapter along with advertising your stories~!

Also 18+ (Like you would be able to stay away :3)

Okay im looking foward to people givig the contests a go~! and also, all doors in all rooms lock from the insides, I wrote one so that you could see what the others will be like when i get to writing them.... Bye!

Yaoi Masters :3