•1- Short Girl Problems•

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Your p.o.v

" Chres Baby Come Here Please" I called as you stood on the step ladder in the bathroom. I heard Chres's footsteps running up the stairs and stop at the top of the stairs.

" Where You At" Chres said

" The Bathroom" I said as I looked down at the view of everything. " So This Is How It Feels To Be Tall" I thought to myself as Chres entered the bathroom.

" Wassup" Chres said as he looked me from top to bottom and as if it were weird. " What Are You Doin"

" Well I Was Trying To Put My Charger In The Outlet But Then I Saw A Pretty Butterfly Outside The Window And Got Distracted And Then I Dropped My Phone Charger Behind The Um Sink And Uh" I looked at him to see if he was following the whole story. I already know what he was thinking as he was looking at me. He started to laugh at me and I began to laugh with him.

Chresanto p.o.v
• Bruh if she think Ima believe that for one second she dead ass wrong. I already know what true and what's not about Y/N, she can't lie to me an she can't lie period. And I think I know what was happening before I got in this bathroom..•

Your p.o.v

After Chresanto stopped laughing at me and my story, he asked.

" Y/N What Really Happened"

" Well The Real Story Is.." You looked at him. " Well What Had Happened Was I Was Trying Tl See How It Felt To Be Tall Right" You looked at him again and saw him smirking. " And Then I Felt Really Tall And Powerful So I Just Had To Stay Here For A While And Admire Myself Like This"

" So You Want To Be Tall" Chresanto asked looking at me. Do I want to be tall???? Nah I'm good as a short person. I like being picked up by people and spun around and cuddled because I'm fun sized.

" No" I said and shook my head.
" Well I Got Another Question" Chres said and moved his hand side to side as he said 'another question'.

" Wassup" I replied wondering what he wanted to know from his woman.

" Why Did You Call Me Up Here" Chresanto asked me grinning a bit and licked his lips. I laughed as he licked his lips. " Hmm Y/N"

" I Called Ya Up Here To See If I Was Taller Than You By Any Chance" I replied and looked at him.

Chresanto p.o.v
• Now that sounds more like Y/N (laughs) She gon' get the step ladder climb up a few steps, call me up the stairs to see if she was taller than me, and then tell me a lie about some damn butterfly. Yup definitely a weirdo. A weirdo in the process, but she my weirdo. Yeah, my little weirdo.. What am I gon' do wit her??•

Your p.o.v

" Well Fat Face Are You" Chresanto asked me referring to the nickname that I was called when I was younger. I laughed. " Oh You Wanna Bring Back Nicknames Curly Top"

" I Know You Didn't" Chresanto said looking at me. I laughed and nodded. " Oh Yes I Did Mr.Cereal And Water" Referring to his 'signature meal'

" No No No Ms. Dry Frosted Flakes And Whipped Cream" My boyfriend said referring to my go to snack as a child.. and now.

" At Least My Snack Is Good" I said in my defense. " Cereal And Water Is Disgusting" I said as he was insulted.

" Don't Disrespect My Cookin Like That" Chres said playing with me. I laughed at how serious he was and held out my hands for him to grab.

" Come Here Papi" I said opening and closing my hands at him to grab. He grabbed my hands and I pulled him towards me. He looked down at me still. " Awe I'm Still Shorter Than You"

He just laughed and I pushed him away from me and he kept laughing. " Shutup Chres" I said and laughed a little " It's Not Funny"

" I Know Babe But Short Girls Winnin Because" He said picked me up and spun me around. I giggled as he stopped spinning. " Tall Girls Can't Get Picked Up And Spun"

I laughed as he started running back down the stairs with me. Short Girl Problems.
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