Chapter 1 ~ Goodbyes and Hellos

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( a/n I apologize in advance if some characters seem OOC )

~ 3rd Person POV ~

     A young girl kneeld before a young man with blue hair. He was slowly disappearing in a yellow sparkly light. She was bawling her eyes out," Please. . . don't leave me. . . I don't want to be alone again." He smiled warmly at her. He lifted her chin up so she would look at him. He pulled a piece of her h/c hair behind her ear. He kept a hand on her wet cheek and wiped a few tears away. She placed her hand on top of his.

     " You're not alone Y/N, you still have Roxy. I told you before I'm from the future. I came here to save you; the last of your kind. I told you as soon as this battle ends. . . and Eclipse would be destroyed; I would leave along with everybody else from the future." She hugged his disappearing body and cried into his chest. She was like a sister to him. He didn't want to leave her. She was barely getting a hang of her powers. But he believed in her;  he knew she would be okay. Even without him.

     " But Roxy disappeared. I don't know where she went. Where do I find her?! I don't want you to go Jellal! Please don't leave me! Please!" she cried even more which made it harder for future Jellal to go. Years ago, when he was experiencing this in the future, he saw Y/N die in his arms. He had found her lying on the ground dead. Once he felt the great power coming from her, he knew what she was. A Dragon Tamer. Much more powerful than a Dragon Slayer. Zeref had created them. But once he saw how powerful they were he killed them all. Only one of them survived; Y/N. He knew she was the only one who could destroy Acnologia and Zeref. She could destroy all evil in this world. But he saw as humanity's last savior died. So he traveled back in time when she was born. He trained her and told her about all of her powers. Along the way they met an exceed. Her name was Roxy. She was gray with blue eyes. She could change forms. When she changed forms she grew taller; about the size of a regular human. Just like Panther Lily. She also had exquipping powers like Erza. Every time he thought of Erza he would cry. He missed her. He never got to tell her how he really felt before she. . .was gone.

     " Roxy left to the town Mangolia. I told her to wait there for you. You have to be strong Y/N. You have to be that brave little girl I met years ago." Jellal told her. " Jellal. . . but I already lost all of my family, I don't want to loose you too big brother!" she yelled crying even more as his legs were disappearing completely. She always called him big brother when she was serious. " Y/N. . . please take care of yourself. Go to Mangolia and join the guild called Fairy Tail." he whispered as he was beginning to fully disappear. " Magnolia? Fairy Tail?! Jellal!!!" she yelled as she could no longer hold him in her arms. " Goodbye Y/N. . ." he whispered a few things in her ear as he disappeared. She nodded at the wind and cried silently to herself. He was gone. The person who took care of her and loved her for her whole life. . .was gone.

     She had to be strong for Jellal. She wiped her tears away. The battle was finally over between the dragons and humans. She felt so useless not being able to help. But she had gotten gravely sick and almost died when the ceiling of their house had collapsed. But someone had saved her by taking back time for one minute. She felt a weird feeling in her stomach as she remembered seeing her death flash before her eyes. She knew she couldn't escape death for long." Well it's time to pack the few things that I have. I have to go thank someone. I also have to find Roxy. I guess I'll have to go to Mangolia and join Fairy Tail. Who ever they are." she whispered to herself as she headed towards the ruble of the house.

~ Time Skip ~ brought to you by Natsu the King! XD

      Poor Gray. He had lost both mother and daughter. But what's even sadder is that he didn't stop the carriage to see what was going to happen next. Y/N wandered down the path the carriage was going trailing way behind. She had a small little suitcase with her that trailed behind her. She was still sad about future Jerral but she had to be strong for him. Even if she felt as if she could brake out in tears at any moment.

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