Fatal Attraction (Watty Awards 2011! VOTE!!!)

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I was in my cell just thinking of the past, thinking of why I was in here for seventy- five to life. I remember the good old day's were I was just a normal sixteen year old and now I'm in a high security prison. I could tell you I missed the 'good old day's' but I really don't I was a boring teen age girl that was weak and naive. I could tell you I regret what I did and was sorry but I don't and I'm not.

The only thing I regret is being sent to this prison and not being able to see Brandon. He was the one that got me into this mess but he's the one that changed me he helped me bused my self confidence and made me a women he's my only weak spot.

I guess I should tell you what happened it would make more seance then.....

I brushed my blonde hair it came a little past my shoulder. I was going to go out with my boyfriend Branden tonight and I needed to look perfect. I only had mascara and blush on Branden didn't like it when I wore to much make- up so I didn't. My blue eye's sparkled with excitement my mother is finally letting me see Branden again. My stupid mother thought it was inappropriate for a sixteen year old to go out with a twenty-one year old. Her and my father were nine years apart and I felt she was being a hypocrite.

I was wearing black skinny jeans, a dark blue flow-y shirt, a pair of dark blue ballet flats, and had a black purse. Branden always told me that I shouldn't wear to many colors at once because they take to much attention from my beautiful face. I blushed bright red when he told me that I couldn't believe he called me beautiful. I was slightly use to it now that we've been dating for four months but it was so nice to be called pretty and beautiful by someone so handsome.

I knew that I loved Brandon even back then I would do anything to be with him. I herd someone knock on the door and ran from my room all the way down the hallway and down the stairs to the front door. My father was just about to get up off the couch when I got down there and my mother was in the kitchen cooking away.

I opened the door to see the most handsome person I've ever seen in my life. Brandon was 6'2 but I was 5'11 so it wasn't that much of a height difference, I'm tall for a girl even at sixteen so what! Branden always told me it made me more special. He had brown spiky hair and brown eye's that looked almost black and slightly tan skin. He is built, a swimmers body really, I'm into gymnastics so I have more of a femininely built body. My friends told me we were the perfect couple we were both fit and were tall but are appearances were contrasting his darker mine lighter we are like... meant to be.

I grind at him and looked behind me yelled "Bye mother, bye father!" I hated calling them mom and dad it was way to family like. My family was like one of thoughts family's in the 50's my mother cooks and cleans all the time and doesn't work. My father is a business man and when he's home he just sits down and reads the news paper. It's kind of creepy.

"Hey baby!" I squealed and jumped into his arms. He was like my heaven I could just be near him and be  


"Hey Angel" he said well letting me go. Angel is not a pet name nope it's my real name I find it really ironic now.

I closed the house door behind me and took his awaiting hand. We walked to his motorcycle that I loved it just added to his tough and mysterious look but he was really my panda. Yep that's my pet name for him, panda, I alway's thought panda's were big but cute and that's what Branden's, he's tall and built and he's cute well sexy as hell is more like it but whatever.