Spaces (One-Shot)

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I was bored today, so I decided to write this. Hope you enjoy-well at least try too. I'm better at reading than I am writing.....

Harry's Point of View

"The show is starting in an hour! Where could he be?" Liam asked clearly very frustrated.

He was talking about Louis. I continued to stare at my phone.

"Well you could act like you actually care Harry!" Liam snapped. "The four of us are all we have left, so whatever you have against Louis you better drop it or this band isn't going to last much longer!"

Niall put his hand on Liam's shoulder. I still remember clear as day when Zayn told us that he was leaving...


"Great concert lads!" Zayn walked up to us after the concert was over.

"Zayn!" We all cheered and ran up to him. He took some time off because of stress. I think the media started to get to him after the rumor about him cheating on Perrie.

"Glad you're back mate. Doing better?" Louis asked. Louis and Zayn were inseparable, just like Lou and I use to be... So I was jealous of their friendship and I guess I took my anger out on Lou, which wasn't really fair at all. I wanted my Lou back, and sometimes hoped that Zayn would leave the band, but that was my selfish side speaking, I really didn't mean it. He just wasn't committed like the rest of us were. He missed meet ups and interviews, and even concerts from time to time.

He had some negative influences on Louis. Sure I love Zayn and all, he's like a brother to me, I didn't like the fact that he got Louis to smoke and do Marijuana that one time...

"Yeah I'm fine" Zayn replied.

"So when are you coming back?" Niall asked.

"That's the problem..." Zayn said and looked down.

"What do you mean mate?" Liam asked worriedly. I had a feeling I knew what Zayn was going to say.

"I'm not coming back"

Knew it

"What?!" Louis choked out. I looked at him. "Z come on quit joking" Lou was starting to panic. I could here his voice quivering. "Tell me it's a prank. Please tell me it's a prank!"

"I'm sorry Lads. I want to live a normal life you know?" He asked us hopefully. I looked around at the boys. Tears were streaming down everyone's faces. I was too in shock to cry.

"BULLCRAP!" Liam snapped. "Z you are in the biggest boy and on the planet, possibly history. I know that you know that your life will never be normal again!"

"Was in you mean" Zayn said "it's too late. I already signed the forms that got me out of my contract"

"What about the fans? it's not even half way through the tour!" Niall exclaimed/cried.

"Sorry boys. What's done is done" Zayn said. I know he's not that sorry. He turned around to leave.

"SO THATS IT HUH?" Louis shouted after him. Zayn turned around. "THOSE FIVE YEARS WERE FOR NOTHING I GUESS WERE THEY?"

"Bye lads" Zayn said and gave us a sad smile and left.

Niall cried into Liam's chest. Louis broke down and sank to his knees sobbing. I just stood there. A single tear slid down my cheek.

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