A Fresh Start?

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I have been thinking a lot about this story and reading it over and over again. I have noticed that some parts are inaccurate, mostly due to the fact that I started writing it before The Blood of Olympus came out. However, there are also details and other parts of the story that I would like to change or edit. While writing this story, I did not completely know where the story would head or how it would go. Though I will definitely keep this story on Wattpad and maybe even continue to add on to it in the future, I would like to start a new Percy Jackson/Harry Potter crossover. Hopefully, the new story will also have as much support and interest as Demigods at Hogwarts was able to gain through all of the amazing readers here who found it and continued to read and support it.  Though this is a very hesitant idea for many, including myself at first, I would like to try it and see how it will work out. 

I would like to give out a genuine thank you for everything that you guys have done to support me and this story. I also give a genuine apology as well for all of the inconveniences that have come up over the course of writing the story. I hope that the new crossover will be seen as a fresh start with all of the experience and ideas that I have been able to gain from the first one. 


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