Violet Helmsley

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Birth Name: Katherine Elena Violet Annabelle Levesque
Born: October 16, 1990 (age 23)
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Career: WWE Diva
Ring Name: Violet Helmsley
Entrance Music:

Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 120 lbs

Submission: Armbar • Hell's Gate • Anaconda Vise
Calf slicer/ Choose Your Fate
Scorpion cross lock/ Gorgeous Nightmare
Reverse chin lock/ Devil's Clutch
Rear Naked Choke/ Blackout

Finisher: Spear • Moonsault • Twist of Fate • Stunner • Last Ride • Swantonbomb
Belly to back inverted mat slam/ Beautiful Remains
Sliced Bread #2/ Heart Of Fire 
Modified leg drop bulldog, to a kneeling opponent/ Mischief Managed
Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb/ Coffin
Inverted leg drop bulldog into a split-legged pin/ Fatal Attraction
Chickenwing facebuster/ Implant Buster
Standing shooting star press/ Tragic Magic
Bicycle kick/ Lethal Injection
Roundhouse kick/ Brain Damage
Stomp facebreaker/ Botox Injection
Straight jacket neckbreaker slam/ Game Over 
Gory Neckbreaker/ Death Penalty
Forward somersault cutter/ Think Fast
Reverse roundhouse kick/ Lights Out
Standing tornado DDT or a jumping DDT, with theatrics/ Death Wish
3 Amigos followed by a shooting star press/ Tribute to Eddie
Lifting Reverse STO/ Perish
Corkscrew neckbreaker/ Twist in the Game
Lift running or standing opponent and then uppercut them in the jaw/ HKO (Helmsley Knock Out)

• Tilt a whirl headscissors takedown
• Headscissors takedown
• Enzuigiri
• Pelé Kick (w/ a backflip)
• Super kick
• Springboard forearm smash
• Two punches followed by a shoot kick followed by a spinning backfist
• One-legged monkey flip
• Russian leg sweep
• Suicide Dive
• Snap suplex, sometimes followed by a kick up
• DDT from the second rope
• Poetry In Motion a w/ partner
• Lou Thesz Press
• Hangman's Choke
• Inverted facelock transitioned into a double knee breaker/ Break A Bitch
• Stratusphere (Turnbuckle handstand transitioned into a frankensteiner)
-adopted from Trish Stratus
• Whisper in the Wind (Turnbuckle climb into a rebounded corkscrew senton to a standing opponent)
-adopted from Jeff Hardy
• Baseball slide
• One-woman Poetry in Motion
• Standing somersault leg drop
• Handspring back elbow
• Tornado DDT
• Swinging side slam dropped into a backbreaker
• Springboard roundhouse kick to the face of opponent
• Ankle lock
• Body scissors
• Clothesline, sometimes to an incoming opponent
• Double leg takedown
• Gutwrench suplex
• Kimura lock
• Kneebar
• Roundhouse kick, sometimes jumping
• Repeated shoot kicks, to the midsection a cornered opponent
• Repeated boxing punches, to the midsection of an opponent
• Sliding knee strike, to the back of seared midsection of a kneeling or leg of an opponent
• Spinebuster
• Striking spear, sometimes to an oncoming opponent
• Superman punch

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