"alright here's the first one." ellen said.

we looked at the screen,

samena-lover123: i can not believe this! samena is back together! this better not be a dream! i love you guys! #asksamena

i chuckled, "we love you too samena-lover123." i said and smiled.

"i promise it's not a dream." i said.

selena grabbed my arm and we read another.

lyingongroundswift_samena: everyone. this is not a drill i repeat this is NOT a drill. selena is holding sam's arm in the cutest way.

i smiled and looked at selena who had her gorgeous head on my shoulder.

i kissed her forehead.

perfectlittleswift: sam are you going to go back into the army?

i sighed, "good question. because honestly...i don't know. i love the army and everything of course but-"

selena pulled away from me and sat up, listening to what i'm saying anxiously.

she looked scared that i might go.

i took her hand and rubbed the back of it to soothe her and i smiled sweetly.

"but i do love my family and selena. and if we start making a family of our own together then i need to be here for her. not half way across the world. so i think i'm going to stay here...right where i belong." i said and smiled.

everyone clapped and selena smiled thankfully at me.

i caressed her cheek and slowly and softly placed a kiss on her lips.

"okay okay. next one." ellen said.

we chuckled and pulled away.

endgame_samena_: that ring isn't the one from last time. what happened to the other one?

i smiled and looked at the ring, "you guys have really good eyes. yeah um. this ring isn't the one i proposed with last time. this ring was my father's that he proposed to my mother with and i thought that since i have it, after my mother left she left her ring so i kept it, knowing i would have it and it meant so much to me...and selena means so much to me so...it just fit. i wanted her to have it because she is special and deserves something that means this much to me."

everyone awed and i blushed and giggled.

selena kissed my cheek, "i love you."

i smiled, "i love you too sel."

"aw. that's adorable. want to see the next one?" we nodded and read it.

samena_AF_13: after you guys got married again what did taylor say since you had a wedding recently?

"good question." i said and smiled.

"well. it started with yelling, trying to figure out why i was in vegas. then i said i got married to selena again. she screamed, jumped, squealed...so yeah. she was happy."

everyone laughed.

sam_swift_chick: sam can you sing us a song?!?!?! and WITH SELENA?! :D PLEASE

i laughed and so did selena.

"i mean. if selena wants to." i said and everyone screamed.

"well what song?"

i leaned in and whispered in her ear, "come & get it."

she smiled, "okay. let's do it." ellen clapped and we told her the song.

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