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05:00 PM

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Sergio pov

I groaned and it felt like my head hited something over and over again. I blinked a couple times and saw a someone looking at me. 'Sergio?' the sweet voice called me.

My eyes finally opened and saw Selena looking at me worried. 'Are you ok?'

I sighed and nod. 'Everything hurts.'

'You stupid, why didn't you removed all off the things of yourself first!'

'I don't know why.'

I really don't know why I did it, but I saw that she couldn't anymore and wanted to release her. Seeing her being hurt, hurts me. I know her like for a couple hours and already cared for her. It sounds so cliche and stupid.

'How long was I gone?' I asked her.

'For like ten minutes. I thought you we're going to die, but you still breathed. You scared the hell out of me.'

I chuckled and tried to sit right. 'What did you do Isabella?'


'Did you shouted at them?'

'What do you think?' She rolled her eyes and helped me stand up.

'Finally awake.' The voice returned.

'I wish i died.' I mumbled. Isabella looked at me and slapped me on my arm. 'Shut up.' She hissed.

'Well we could see a difference during the ten minute run.'

'Just release us already.' I said.

'No, because there are coming three other tests. When that's finished, you can go.'

'Let us do the three test now, and then let us go.'


'What no? Should I show you what no really means bitch?' Isabella shouted. I placed my hands on her shoulder to calm her down.

'You two are going to sit here 24 hours. And there are 16 hours remaining.'

'What, are we in here for 8 hours?' Isabella voice squeaked. 'O my god.'

'Over ten minutes, it's 6 o'clock and then you can eat.' We're her last words.

The window appeared again and the sunlight enter the empty room.

'If I had something, i would broke this glass so we could escape.' I whispered to Isabella.

'You can throw me thought the window.' She mumbled.

I shook my head and looked at her. 'We're going to be ok, I promise you. You will come out here alive and unharmed.'

'And yourself?' She asked. 'Your first.'

'No, stop that. Not because i'm a girl. I am a big girl that can handle this and survive. I've been through worse than this.'

'It's not that you're a girl, and It's not that i don't think you can't handle this our and that you aren't a big girl. Because I know you are.' I sighed and looked at the ground. 'I just want to take care of you. That's all.'


Sergio is bae

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