Chapter Seven - Fuckboy

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Madison stormed into the class. Annoyed that her Brother didn't tell her the news, and that she found out by his ex girlfriend - Allison. Grandpa Argent seemed to have been able to see through Scott's lies, and pretended that he was a nice person, until Scott turned his attention away for two seconds. As soon as Scott let his guard down, Gerard Argent decided to stab him, and then threatened our Mother. Like, what sort of sick individual threatens to stab someone's Mom.

Obviously, Scott didn't want Madison to panic, but this just made her even angrier. It felt like a betrayal having basically everyone who knows about the mythical side of life know about Scott getting attacked by Gerard apart from her. It was even more of a slap in the face that Allison had to rush over to her at the start of school and start apologising about what her Grandfather had done. She must have looked like a complete joke when she didn't know what Allison was one about.

What made the situation even worse was the fact that there was some guy sitting in her seat. Slightly curly hair, cheeky smile, beautiful eyes and a black leather jacket. Either he was a new kid who aspired to be a model, or he just walked out of Madison's imagination. Either way, she didn't care at that precise moment in time. She just wanted her seat back.

She walked over and rolled her eyes, "Okay, I don't know who you are and I don't particularly care - but this is my seat. And yes, it does have my name on it before you ask, look at the top left of the desk and you'll see in small writing 'Madison'. Is your name Madison?"

He took in a deep breath and smirked at her, "No, I don't believe it is."

"You don't believe that it's my seat, or you don't believe that your name is Madison."

"Both." He grinned, obviously taking an interest in winding her up, "But by all means, you can sit next to me, Madison." The way he said her name sent a shiver down her spine. He was asking as if he knew her personally, but Madison didn't even know the kids name.

"That's not the point. The seat that you're sitting on is mine. Not yours."

"Well then, why don't you sit on my lap and we can share it?" He smirked. His cocky and arrogant behavior was giving Madison mixed signals. She liked it when a guy was confident and cheeky, but he was pretty much the definition of a fuckboy, and she had promised herself that she was going to steer clear of those types of guys.

Madison rolled her eyes and huffed, looking around the rest of the room, before realising that the only remaining seat was the one next to the guy that had stolen hers, "You're in my bad books." She grumbled as she sat down in the chair, looking annoyed and crossing her arms in frustration. 

"I'm glad I've made such an impression." He grinned before he started looking at the teacher, listening to what she was saying. The youngest McCall was glad that he cared about his education, otherwise he probably would have just annoyed her all lesson, and that would have been tragic.

Madison turned around, not really wanting to know anything about English seeing as she probably studied the same thing in Washington, and she didn't really care much for the subject, "Guess what I just found out, you fucking bitch?!" She smiled in an evil manner at Scott, who raised his eyebrows and widened his eyes at his Sister's outburst. It wasn't often that Madison shouted at Scott, but when she did, it was awful and awkward to witness.

"Um. Good morning to you, too, Sunshine." Stiles muttered, looking at her in confusion as she continued to glare at Scott.

"Not only do you not wake me up and give me a lift to school for the second day in a row, forcing me to ride with Lydia, which I don't really mind because it's Lydia, and she bought me some coffee, but secondly... I had to find out from your ex girlfriend, which really was the cherry on top of the cake by the way, that her Grandfather, aka, our Principle, stabbed you whilst our Mother was only metres away, and then he threatened to stab her next. Care to explain why you never told me?" She smiled wickedly, making sure that he voice was so quiet that it could only really be heard by Scott because of his Werewolf hearing.

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