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Hey guys. This is my new book Enchanted. I hope you guys like this book. :)
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"Will you please stop reading your book and get ready?" Ashley screamed. "How many times should I tell you Ash? Parties are not my scene. You know what happened last time." I said. I cringed at the memory. Well what exactly happened the last time I attended a party? I apparently got drunk and ended up doing things I regretted. I danced on the table and then I told the DJ to play the Panda song, when a panda song actually doesn't exist.

"Please Beth. It's a senior party. One of Bryan's bestfriend has invited us. Please come on. School is gonna start in a week's time, we should enjoy." Ashley pleaded. Bryan Walker, one of the player of the football team was dating my dear bestfriend Ashley Woods. Ash and I are juniors whereas Bryan is a senior. So much for dating an older guy. "Fine. This is the last time I'm gonna attend one of these parties. Okay?" I sigh in defeat. She nodded excitedly. "And I get to pick up my outfit." I said.

Ashley decided to wear a short dress, it made her look sexy but not like a slut. Not like Rachel Carter. Rachel Carter is a cheerleader. You see how these cheerleaders of Eastwood High are typical sluts. I decided on wearing white ripped skinny jeans, a black halter neck top and my favourite black ankle length boots. Ash, then curled my hair and did my make up. I must say that I look pretty decent tonight. "Let's go, Bestfriend." Ash said as she loops her arm around mine and we walk out of my house.

We see Lucas waiting for us outside my house in his car. He is a junior like us and happens to be my bestfriend. "Beth, you look gorgeous." Lucas said. "Thanks Luke. You don't look bad." I smiled. "Hurry! I wanna meet my boyfriend." Ash said. "More like snog his face." Luke snorted.

Lucas parks out of this huge house where music is being blasted. We enter the house to see so many of them from our school, mostly all seniors. Ashley spots her boyfriend and pulls me along with her where the football team sits. Lucas stands besides me while Ashley snogs Bryan's face. It's so awkward here. "Let's play Spin the bottle." A high pitched voice said. And yes my dear friends, it's Rachel Carter who is at the moment sitting on Parker's lap. "Isn't she with Bolton?" Lucas asked me. "They call her a slut for a reason." I said and Lucas laughed.

As usual, Ash forced me to play the game with them too. The bottle lands on Parker. "Give Vanessa a hickey." Rachel said. Parker smirks and goes over to Vanessa who is one of Rachel's minion. After a few rounds of drunk dancing on the table, locking yourself with a guy in a cupboard, the bottle landed on me. Shit. I hope I don't get a stupid dare. " I dare you to kiss Bolton for one minute." Parker said.

Bolton. Chase Bolton. He wanted me to kiss the quarterback football player who happens to be Rachel Carter's boyfriend.

"Kiss Kiss Kiss!" All of them who were sitting at the table chanted. "C'mon Beth it's just a game." Bryan said. I sighed and leaned forward to kiss the quarterback football player, Chase. It was all in a haze. The kiss was rough at the start, we had to kiss for a minute for crying out loud. When we pulled away, I looked at him wondering what the hell just happened. I felt these weird things in my tummy. He smirked knowing that he had an affect on me. I looked away and saw his girlfriend glaring at me. He won't even remember that we kissed just cause of the game. I'm just a normal girl at Eastwood High and he is the hot, sexy quarterback football player who is dating a cheerleader, typical High School love story.

I hope you guys like the start.
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