Settled In

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Zendaya's point of view:
I carried the last box into my new room and sighed. Can't believe I actually had to move here to keep the job. I started unpacking the boxes and saw Bella in the doorway. She's wearing a white tank top, black shorts and black socks.
Bella- need help?
Zendaya- yes, please.
I said sounding needy as fuck. She smiled and came over to me.
Zendaya- there are shoes in that box over there. May you please put them on the rack?
Bella- sure.
She said opening the box.
Bella- you know you're brave right?
Zendaya- how so?
Bella- you're actually willing to be that egotistical man's slave for a paycheck. And even though his checks are beautiful, I would never wait on a man.
Zendaya- well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Bella- I guess. And he's gonna want you around all the time.
Zendaya- why?
Bella- you're female and have a pulse. He likes a lot of women around the office in black tight clothes.
Zendaya- really?
Bella- he smacked me on the ass and said he "likes white booties".
Zendaya- wow.
Bella- yep. That's our boss. But don't get me wrong. He's still a good businessman. I mean, he can afford all this and his mansion and vacation house in Greece.
Zendaya- vacation house is Greece.
Bella- yep. Along the beach of Cyprus.
Zendaya- damn, that's cool.
Bella- yea. Every year, he takes us on a luxury vacation to a foreign country. Last year was France.
Zendaya- that's so cool. What's this year?
Bella- I don't know yet. Done.
She set up all my shoes.
Zendaya- thanks.
Bella- no problem. I'm gonna get dinner started. You're a vegetarian, right?
Zendaya- yep.
Bella- just making sure. Dinner will be ready soon.
She walked out the room. I finished unpacking my clothes into the dressers and I finally get to take a shower. I'm still in my work clothes. I went to the bathroom and took a nice shower. When I got out, my hair reverted to its natural curls. I put on a black tank top, black sweatpants and some red socks. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and walked out the room. This is actually a cute little apartment. Nice paint job and furniture. Very homey. I sat down on the couch and went through the messages on my phone. My new iPhone 6 Plus! Its enormous, but worth it. Then the doorbell rang.
Bella- I got it.
She opened the door and a very handsome guy was on the other side. He had fair skin and brown hair in a quiff type style and brown eyes. He was wearing a black blazer, white V-neck, black jeans and dress shoes. He's fine.
Bella- hey, Gregg. What are you doing here?
Gregg- I came to tell you that our boss has set up a meeting for tomorrow at 5:30 to discuss our company vacation.
He said in a British accent.
Bella- okay thanks. Oh, Gregg. This is Zendaya. Our new employee.
I got up to shake his hand.
Zendaya- it's nice to meet you.
Gregg- you too. So what floor will you be working on?
Zendaya- I'm actually Mr. Jackson's assistant.
Gregg- you're his new assistant?
Zendaya- yes.
Gregg- God bless you. I'll you too tomorrow.
I just nodded as he dashed away from the door. How bad could the guy be? Bella closed the door and sighed, leaning against the wall.
Zendaya- what's up with you?
Bella- nothing.
Zendaya- you like him, don't you?
Bella- you have eyes too. You've seen how hot he is.
Zendaya- okay, he is very charming. What does he do the for company?
Bella- he manages profit for the new businesses Trevor tries to takeover. Trevor takes the company and has people to manage the profits and distribute the paychecks evenly. He only takes companies where the original owners aren't treating their employees properly and gives them better financial aid and benefits.
Zendaya- that's good. Where was he throughout my entire childhood?
My mom and dad worked in a factory when I was a kid. Both on an assembly line. They never got paid on time. And when they did, it was always less than what they deserve. There'd be months where we had no car, no lights, no water or no cable. Which meant I had to start work early. I babysat, washed cars, worked in restaurants, gas stations and plenty of other places. Just so we could at least have lights and water.
Bella- right? That's what I'm saying. He's a good business man. Just scary at times. Oh, dinner will be ready soon.
She said scurrying off into the kitchen. I sat back down on the couch.
Bella- you can turn on the tv if you want! Remotes on the coffee table!
I got up and turned on the Apple TV and then scrolled through the channels. Scandal's on!!! Yasss!!! I watched a good twenty minutes and then Bella came in holding two plates of spaghetti. She set the plates down on the coffee table and gave me a fork.
Bella- dig in!
She smiled. I smiled back and happily ate the spaghetti and loved it. I think I'm gonna like it here.

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