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Zendaya's point of view:
I was still sitting in the parking lot, waiting for myself to find some courage. I'm applying for a job today. I'm gonna be the personal assistant to a multi-millionaire business owner. Well, I hope I am. It seems to be a pretty straight forward job. But what if I mess up? I don't want to humiliate myself in front of a millionaire. I grabbed the steering wheel and breathed in and out.
Zendaya- okay, Z. You got this. You're smart, sophisticated and qualified. Okay.
After my quick pep talk to myself, I got out the car, fumbling on my heels a little, grabbed my papers and walked inside. This place is enormous. I looked around dumbfounded at how sophisticated and prestigious this place looks. Almost more intimidating than the outside. I took a deep breath and walked over to the front desk. There was a girl there. She had strawberry blonde hair, fair skin and a slim body. She was wearing a very fitted dress and some black heels. When she saw me, she looked up and smiled. As she did that, she flipped her hair over her shoulder; exposing a name tag that said "Bella".
Bella- hello, how may I help you?
Zendaya- yes, umm, I have a job interview with Mr. Jackson for 4:30.
Bella- let's see.
She went through a big book with a bunch of notes and stuff in it.
Bella- yes. Ms. Zendaya Coleman. Go up to the 24th floor and wait out in the waiting area. I'll page him so he knows your coming.
Zendaya- thank you, Bella.
Bella- no problem. Now you have ten minutes and the elevator is slow. I'd hurry if were you.
I nodded and scurried to the elevator and pressed the "24" button as the doors closed. I leaned back against the wall, waiting for the elevator to stop. Bella was right. It is slow. Then soon the doors opened. I checked the time on my iPhone. 4:28. Two minutes to spare. I was about to sit down in a chair in the waiting area, until the door opened.
- you're late.
A stern voice said. I stood up and faced a 6"2 tall man. He was dark skin, had black hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a black tuxedo with a white button shirt underneath. He's much taller than I though for some reason.
Zendaya- actually, sir. It's 4:29. I still have a full 22 seconds left.
He rolled his eyes and walked towards his office. I followed him, feeling more empowered by what I did. That sure was a confidence booster. I walked in and the door slammed behind me. I turned and saw the glare at me with his hand still on the knob. Okay. Confidence dropped like 20 notches.
- sit.
I immediately sat down in the chair in front of his desk. He had papers piled high on his desk and some scattered all over the floor. Wow, no wonder he's so tense. He works all the time. He walked behind his desk and sits in his big black chair looking at me. I couldn't help, but notice how handsome he is. He looked me up and down and softened his expression. Still not a smile. But not a scowl.
- name.
Zendaya- Zendaya Coleman.
- age and date of birth.
Zendaya- 19, September 1.
- quite young. I, myself, am also quite young. Which makes me like you slightly more.
Zendaya- thank you. I think.
- you're hired. And I work through the night so you'll have to stay in the condominiums downstairs if I needs something through the night.
Zendaya- what?
- moving in here, love. That isn't a problem. Is it?
Zendaya- no, sir.
- good. You called me "sir". This is how I will be addressed during work hours. And since I work practically 24 hrs, you call me "sir" 24 hours. Got it? Good.
Should I be writing this down or something? Cause he's laying down some rules that he seems pretty serious about.
- Annabella!!!
He yelled at the top of his lungs, standing behind the desk. Soon, Bella came in, tripping over her heels.
Bella- yes, sir?
- Bella, put out the sleeping bags and popcorn cause I just found you a roommate.
Zendaya/Bella- what?!
Bella- sir, I......
- no "buts, ands, or ifs". You two are sharing the condominium that I pay for downstairs and you two are gonna like it. Okay?
Bella- yes, sir.
Zendaya- yes, sir.
- good. You move in tonight. Leave my presence. The both of you.
We both walked out of the office and the door is slammed behind us. He's gonna break that.
Bella- watch him break that door again.
Oh, so he's done it before. Sweet.
Bella- so my shift is over at 6 and I'll come over and pick up your things.
Zendaya- okay.
I gave her my address and she went back to work. I walked out the building wondering what in the hell I just got myself into.

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