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??? #1's POV:

I can't feel my body. I feel numb. I feel as if all the life from me was sucked swiftly, at a blink of an eye. I just stay numb as masked men take me away, blood still bleeding from one of my eye sockets. I don't quite have any particular reason, in all honesty. I would be fighting, but I gave up already.

As they take me away, I look back with my one eye. My parents lie dead, cold and lifeless on the floor and my sister was crying, unable to take me from the masked men, for she was dying.

The men promised my family a cure for my sister. If we complied to their commands. Of course, for the sake of my precious sister, we followed, only to be hurt in the end.

Now I'm in a truck, my eyes watery, my throat too dry to whine nor say anything to my kidnappers. They look at one another, then the one on the left looks at his phone and reads the information about me, or at least, what they have.

"So. Aaliyah eh?" The man on the left says.

"Yes." I reply quietly.

"You'll be serving the military now. If you hesitate, we'll do the same thing we did to your parents to you. That eye was just one of the things we are capable of."

"Okay." I say, having no more energy to even rebel.


??? #2's POV:

I can't tell how long I've been here, in the military with my trusty pug. All I know is that I was raised here and I found a stray pug as I was exploring the military base as a young child. It looks sad and hungry, so I fed it.

Since then it stayed loyal to me, following my commands, knowing what to do and what not to do. It was the one thing that made me happy, in all honesty. My heart would always feel warm as I petted Jama, the name of my dog.

But of course, that warm feeling wouldn't last long. As many of the things that made me happy didn't.

My military boss found out and was deeply enraged. I tried to stop him, but of course, it failed. He shot Jama, multiple times. He left me as I sunk to my knees, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"This world has no place for a dumb dog, and you should know that Ian." My boss told me as he walked into his warm tent.

I buried Jama the same day.

Since then, I had grown cold. I obeyed my orders without any delay, not even obliging to be sweet to anything anymore.

That's the effect the military can do to you, if you're not careful.


??? #3's POV:

When I met this one girl, my heart fluttered. She was the perfect person in my life, even if it was cold and the bombs and such were heard, she would be the warmest thing ever.

But that changed when I was pulled into the military. I had to leave her, forever and ever.

I tried to get her back, only to be punished multiple times.

Celina was all I had in the world, my parents were already dead and my two other siblings were taken from me at an early age. So it was just me. But Celina was what made me happy.

Now all I am, is a shell of the old me, the one that was happy.

I am just James, a soldier that follows orders.


??? #4's POV:

I had a simple life, my mother and sister were all I needed to be happy. I had been raised in the countryside, my sister had taught me things you would learn at school and my mother would tend to the farm, I would occasionally help.

It all changed when the military came, armed with weapons, ready to fire. We had to surrender, but they didn't kill my family. Instead, they tore me from my family, far away as possible.

I started to forget them, now I forget how they look like. All I remember is that they treated me like a human being, unlike the military and who they were to me.

They were what I clung to, as far as I knew, or at least I thought. Nowadays, I'm not sure what was true and what isn't.

The one thing however that I knew the most was my name.


But that's rubbish, they said.

I'm AJ now.

That was all I was truly sure of.


??? #5's POV:

I don't really remember who I was back then. I don't remember my family, if I even had one, my love life, if I had one, everything in the past.

I don't remember it.

All I know is the military is my home and will always be my home. That I have a name, just a first name, like the others have. I am just... Chelsea, as they have named me.

That's it.

I do often wonder though, who am I in actuality. But I will never question that. I am trained to not question orders, just obey them.

The military is my life and I will kill whoever defies it.


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