For Mr. Invisible

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Dear Mr. Invisible,

Higschool years were really one of the highlights of our lives. With the young age, many people risked to find their so-called true love including ME.

Young, witty and free as we turned 13. I've met you beside our classroom. You were the kind of guy who is silent, kind, friendly but loner and over-all mysterious.

I didn't know that I will be given a chance to be close with you. We became friends, seatmates, textmates and even lunch buddies. You were so COLD on the outside that's why I named you, Mr. Invisible.

I never knew I would fall in love with you knowing that 2 of my closest friends have a huge crush on you. One is your friend, and the other one whom you dislike.

We've became closer to the point that I really fell hard. That I tend to do stupid things and treasure those dull moments you considered. But a very good timing for me.

As days passed, I finally had the courage to tell you about my feelings through text. And I got upset on what you have replied to me,
"I know...".
Too lucky right? But we still continued to be friends even if you know I have feelings for you.

One time, you sent me a note written in it that 'maybe you like me too?' You didn't know how happy I am up to the point that I told you I cried about it.

But later on, my feelings started to change, from butterflies to nothing. I got mad at you for leaving me hanging because you know what? You gave me hopes but you turned it down for me.

Finally in the end, I tried to forget my feelings for you. Find another cute guy that I will like and then start again as friends with you.

I'm glad that we're still friends. Although there is awkwardness between us but hey, thank you for everything. :)

It feels so good that after that dark situation, we were finally in a bright relationship as friends.

I hope you were happy on your own and I'm happy for myself too! ^^, Goodluck, on Grades 11 and 12!


Your Juliette ;)

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