Chapter 12.

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Louis' POV

I had never been a nail biter but right now I was down to the cuticle. I hadn't slept a wink all because of one question, one I didn't have an answer to, one I didn't want an answer to. We had been back from our prompt holiday for less than an hour before my phone rang, flashing that dreaded number across the screen. There was no I.D with the number but when you have that gut instinct you just know. I felt physically sick hearing their voice but as much as I wanted to hang up, I couldn't. Their words stung me deep. I don't know half of what lies ahead, what they are capable of but I don't want to find out.

The clock digits switched to show eight in the morning, I had been awake almost forty-eight hours and my eyelids refused to close. I had butterflies in my stomach from nerves. I don't want to seem weak but right now I wanted to break down a cry and just have someone hold me and tell me everything is going to be okay but it's not, it's not going to be okay. And I have to deal with that. I couldn't find a solution to this problem because of the consequences. My brain told me to call the police about this certain 'devil wears prada' but then my heart stops me because Scarlett lost her sister once to lose her again would destroy her in more ways than one. 

I took a deep breath before lifting myself up off the sofa and walked towards the kitchen. I wasn't necessarily hungry but if I didn't eat I know I'd only feel worse. Before I knew it I was cooking up at full English breakfast, although not for me, I could stomach a slice of toast. I continued to fry the bacon, grill the tomatoes and cook the scrambled egg. The smell made my stomach churn. I suckered up and finished the cooking before placing it all on a plate and tray. I walked slowly towards the bedroom ready to surprise one of the most beautiful girls in my life, the first being my mum of course. I gently brushed the door open and smiled briefly before padding over towards the bed.



"I made you breakfast."

"What?" Scarlett murmured before sitting up and looking towards me, rubbing her eyes to wake herself up.

"Full English, including hash browns," I stated proudly finding the courage to smile. This could be the last time I make her breakfast in bed, I want it to count I thought optimistically to myself.

"Are you feeling okay?" She chuckled her sweet laugh before grabbing the tray from my hands.

"Of course," I smiled convincingly

"Do you have anything planned today?"

"Actually I'm going to the boys house."

"Oh okay."

"Sorry, I just need to see them, it's kinda important."

"It's alright, I don't mind you seeing your best friends. What sort of girlfriend would I be if I didn't let you see your friends?" She chuckled heartedly, which tore my heart in pieces. "Did you sleep on the sofa last night? I didn't hear you come in." She spoke gracefully as she carefully placed her breakfast in her mouth. She didn't sound suspicious which relieved me, but it wouldn't last long and I knew that and I'm sure deep deep down she did too.

"Uh yeah, must've fallen asleep there," I lied, cringing at my every word but I didn't want to face the truth yet. Call me a coward but I needed to make up for the time I may lose.

"You're back must kill right now, that sofa is harder than the floor," she joked.

"It's not bad actually," I laughed lightly before my smile faded. "I better get ready anyway, I hope you enjoyed your breakfast." I placed my lips firmly on hers before pulling away, trying to hide the hurt in my eyes.

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