Chapter 1 ~ A Dreadful Past

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[ Before the story begins I'm going to inform you all that this story started on Quotev and it was a huge success there so I brought it to Wattpad.  Enjoy~!]

~ Your POV ~

     Murmurs. All I could hear were murmurs. I was slowly waking up after being drugged. All I saw was darkness. As I guessed by the silky fabric, I had a blindfold on. My toes felt the cool touch of metal bars. Not again. I was being sold again.

      As the drug effects were clearing away I began to hear voices, men's voices. I could hear a sheet being lifted off of my cage. As a slight ray of light began to peek through my blindfold.

"This one will be sold for £2,500." yelled a loud raspy voice.

" Why for so much? She looks like any other ordinary looking assassin." yelled a man.

     Yes. If you haven't guessed I am an assasin. A forced one at that. I never liked to kill. But as the more lives I took the easier it was. But what else could I do. I needed the money and I'm an orphan. It's not like anyone cares. These fools tricked me into a contract where I would work in an assassin black market and be sold to random masters, and by random I mean the highest paying one. If I try to get out of the contract or harm any of my masters then they'll get a more experienced assassin to kill me.

" Ah I'm glad you asked," the raspy voice answered, " You see she is our number one assassin. The best one we have. She does the job in less then seconds and leaves no evidence behind. She shows no mercy.  You can even have a little bit of fun with her if you know what I mean." the raspy voice lustfully laughed. I could hear the smirk in his voice.

     As always after hearing the man speak everyone would pay money just to get me in their bed. But I still had my innocence. I would never let dirty old men like them have it. I would rather rot in hell for the rest of my life. I always ran away with my share of the money before they could have it.

     I was finally sold to a random man. But this time it was a special case. When I was brought to the man's home, he took my blindfold off and it was actually not what I expected. Instead of a dirty old perverted man, (as it usually was), it was a young handsome man. He had sun kissed hair and hazel brown eyes. He was slim but broad. He had a certain shine to him. He took me out of the cage and I thought maybe my luck had changed. But I was wrong. Instead it was worse. Everyday I would wake up to a beating. He was always drunk. I worked as a maid for him until I had enough. I yelled at him, which was a big mistake. He whipped my back for hours and poured alcohol on it which made it burn hotter than hell. I still have a few scars.

     Until finally my day came when I had to kill my master's victim. It was a wealthy noble and his wife. They were the Diamond Rose Family. James Diamond Rose and Emily Diamond Rose. They were one of the wealthiest families in the country. Maybe even in the whole world. My master wanted them to be gone. They knew that my master was involved with drug dealing and black markets so he wanted them dead. But for some strange reason I felt like I had heard their name before. Maybe it was just one of my old masters who mentioned their name to someone.

     But that night everything changed. As I arrived everything seamed strangely familiar. The estate was huge and it had a pool in the front with two stair cases on the sides. I quietly and swiftly sneaked inside and checked all of the rooms. It was cold inside and I was happy that I had my red scarf with me. It was the only thing hiding my birthmark. I felt as if no one should see it. As if I should always cover it up.

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