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Pen Your Pride

I watch her. She steps lightly down the hidden stairs. She's so beautiful.

I can't imagine my life without her. I follow her, my heart pounding.

She reaches the bottom and turns to me, a smile etched on her lips. I step onto the wet rock at the bottom and grab her hand. Our fingers intertwine. I sit down, my legs hanging over the ledge and look into her silver eyes.

They aren't boring, in fact, their slivery blue tone is fascinating. Her eyes demand attention. She lets go off my hand and I frown. She smiles and I see her white teeth. Even after all this time, I still love that smile.

We' ve been dating for 2 years now.

"Tobias, I love you." She chuckles. Today's our Anniversary.

She pulls a box out of her pocket. She hands it to me. I open it and inside is a dull, thin wedding band. I look up at her, confused.

She smiles, "It was your mother's. I went to Abnegation and got it." I can't believe she would do that for me. She faced Marcus for me.

"How'd you get it from Marcus?" I ask.

She says, "I knocked on the door and had to persuade him into giving it to me. I got a little banged up, but I'm fine."

I sigh, "Where are you hurt?"

She shakes her head, "He punched me in the ribs, but I'm fine." I touch her rib cage, my hand stretching from one side of her stomach to the other. She flinches. I grab her hand and stand. I walk with her silently to my room. She lays down on my bed and pulls her shirt up above her stomach. Her ribs are bruising slightly.

I sigh, "You didn't have to do that for me, Tris. You could've been hurt way worse."

She smiles and sits up, "I love you." She says and embraces me. I hug her back and pull away.

Here it goes.

What will she say?

I pull a small box out from my pocket, the metal warm. I hold it out in front of me and get on one knee.

"Beatrice, I love you. I always have. I know you love me. Beatrice Prior, will you marry me?" I ask nervously.

What if she says no? I think it would kill me. She doesn't say anything. She stares at me with wide eyes. A feeling of hurt crosses my face and I don't hide it. She opens her mouth to speak, but doesn't say anything. She must not love me as much as I thought she did. I stand up and close the box. She sighs and stands too. I open the door and she steps in front of me.

"Just kidding. Yes, Tobias. Yes, I will marry you!" She screams.

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