Abused Mate #4

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Olivia's POV

After I had finished all of my chores around the house I decided that I would go to my special place deep in the forest, it's where my mom and I would go to all the time when either of us were upset or just to have a day to ourselves. I hadn't been there after my mom died, it was just to hard to remember all of the times that we had shared there, as I was walking I started thinking about what I had said to my "mate" in the house. I really started to wonder if he cares about me at all because if he did wouldn't he be with me right now trying to apologize for all of the things that he has said and done to me over the past years?

I was so deep in thought that I hadn't realized that I was already in my special place, it was as beautiful as I remember it to be with the little waterfall in front of you as soon as you walk up to it and the blue and red flowers surrounding the little pond that the waterfall flowed into, it was breathtaking and I can't believed that I stayed away from here after my mom died.

When I sat down beside the waterfall I rolled up my jeans and put my feet into the water and just started thinking about everything that has happened in my life when all of a sudden I heard a twig snap to my right. I throughly that it was just an animal passing by but when they made a move to step out of the bushes I would have never have guessed who it would be.

Hey guys I'm back again. please let me know what you think about the story and I may do some different POV's the next chapter!

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