《Chapter 04》

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The day of the tournament arrived. Class E was already getting ready to face the classes that would compete against them. The girls went to the basketball court and the boys got ready at the field. Class E looked very excited to beat the other class. The girls looked nervous. (Y/N) approached Okuda who looked more nervous compared to the others.

"Okuda-chan, are you alright?" asked (Y/N).

"(Y/N)-san, you don't have to be worried about me. I'm fine. Just...nervous," reassured Okuda.

"Don't be formal with me. Just call me (Y/N)—and you know what, I'm kinda nervous too."

"(Y/N)-chan, Okuda-chan, what are you guys talking about? The other girls were looking for you two!" shouted Hara, not far from (y/n) and Okuda.

"Ah, gomen, gomen, Hara-chan! We will be there soon. Just give us 5 more minutes!" replied (Y/N).

"Fine! But just 5 minutes! No more than that!"

(Y/N) just laughed and nodded.

Hara went back to the other girls and told them that (Y/N) and Okuda will be right back. They were really worried about those two. Okuda tended to easily get nervous when doing something new. How about (Y/N)? She was their secret weapon to beat classes A 'till D; they were worried when (Y/N) was not there with them.

"(Y/N) and Okuda, you guys made us worried sick about you," said Nakamura, sighing. "But it doesn't matter. Now we have to beat the classes we're gonna face. We can't lose to them. We have to win no matter what!"


Mini time skip after the tournament....

"Don't be sad guys. We're already doing our best!" (Y/N) encouraged the other girls.

At the basketball competition, class E's had to face class A's. Class E was extremely close to beating class A, but the ending score was 77 - 75. Kayano kept blaming herself for class E's loss. But (Y/N) tried to cheer them up. And it worked; at least Kayano was not blaming herself again.

"Let's watch the boys. I think the game will start soon," suggested (Y/N).

(Y/N) and the girls went to the field to see the boys when suddenly Asano Gakushuu appeared in front of (Y/N). "Well, well, well, look who at who we have here."

"What do you want, Asano?" Hara asked.

"Not much. Just want to talk with (Y/N) privately."

"Fine. Guys, I'll see you at the field." She came forward to face Asano.

"But (Y/N), are you sure? We can wait for you," asked Kataoka worriedly.

"I'm fine, Kataoka." Kataoka and the other girls nodded, then went without (Y/N).


Class E's turn had come. The boys went to the field when Nagisa saw the girls arrive. But, where was (Y/N)? Nagisa went to the girls and asked them about her. They told him that she was held back to talk alone with Asano.

Suddenly, (Y/N) came to the girls. She didn't look very happy. Nagisa saw that she tried to hide it with her fake smile. Maybe it fooled the others, but not for him and Karma who noticed (Y/N)'s strange behavior.

"Sorry, I'm late. Did I miss something?" asked (Y/N).

"No, I'm was just asking them about you. Where were you?" Nagisa replied.

"Nothing important. Just some business that I should've done a long time ago. Anyway, good luck! Please tell to the other boys that I support them."

"Heh...why don't you tell me directly, (Y/N)-chan?" came Karma's voice from behind her.

"Well, I support the others but not you! I will not support a jerk who almost hit me during practice twice," explained (Y/N) harshly as she turned her head away.

"It's hurts, you know," Karma pretended to pout.

"I don't care."

Here we go again with (Y/N) and Karma's continuous fighting. Karma always liked to tease (Y/N) since Korosensei kept praising her more than Karma. Nagisa and Nakamura thought he liked (Y/N), but they still weren't sure.

"Karma-kun, let's get back the the others. The competition will start soon." Karma nodded and went to the court with Nagisa right before he could get payback for what (Y/N) said.

Time Skiiippuuu...

In the end Class E won the tournament. (Y/N) went to meet Asano who seemed irritated with the result.

"Well, it looks like you win the bet. So keep your promise, Asano-kun. Please stop bothering me and Class E." Asano left (Y/N) once class E came to her. They looked confused as to what happened.

"Y/N)chii, What does he mean?" asked Kayano.

"Well, we had a bet. He said that if class E lost at the tournament, he would ask his father to send me to class A and tell all the secrets that class E were hiding. But, if class E won, he wouldn't disturb me and you guys again," (Y/N) explained, smiling.

"Let's celebrate our win! I'll treat all of you!" (Y/N) declared.

They started to change their clothes and waited for (y/n).

(Y/N) walked over to Karma and whispered something that caused him to blush. (Y/N) noticed his red face and smiled. She just giggled and went outside with the others, leaving Karma to collect himself, his face now as fiery as his hair.

"Actually, I know you eavesdropped my conversation with Asano. Thanks for not making me move to class A, Karma-kun."



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