Yes or No? (Wally and Artemis Story)

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Artemis steps back with tears in her eyes they were happy tears, Artemis just smiled and nodded her head

"Yes! Yes of course i will love to marry you BayWatch!" Artemis says to him

Wally laughed and he puts the ring on her finger and then he pick her up and hugs her for a very long time

"Does this mean I can have your last name" Artemis asks him with a little smile on her face

Wally laughed

"Its up for grabs Babe" Wally says to her

Artemis kisses him for a very long time

"I love you Arty" Wally says to her

Artemis smiles at him

"I love you too BayWatch" Artemis says to him

then Wally leans in and kisses her slowly on the lips

~A couple of weeks  later~

They came back Home safely and They were going to see how the team was doing

Then they came into the watch tower they were holding each other hands

Conner, Megan, NightWing,Robin aka Tim, Zatanna,Rocket, Impulse (None as Kid Flash Now),

Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, BatGirl,Bumblebee, Mal and Aqualad all of them were chatting with each

other then they saw the two of them come in

"How was Paris?" NightWing asks them

Artemis laughs a little and Wally looks over at her with a smile and then She looks at him

"It was Great" Wally  says with a smile, NightWing nodded and Artemis and Wally walked over to them

Megan came over and hugged Artemis

"We missed you around here " Megan says to her hugged her

Conner was standing behind them and Conner saw Artemis's Left hand what was on her finger

"Seems like something has changed" Conner says

Wally laughed

"We forgot to tell you guys that..."Artemis says

Everyone steps back but Artemis and Wally

Wally and Artemis smiled and they laughed

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