"Look at what you caused little one. Feel it" Hayden whispers into his ear. Austin whimpers and gives them a tiny squeeze. We both let out a moan/growl.  I pick him up into my arms and devour his plump lips. Hayden stands behind him and starts kissing his neck.

After a couple minutes we  pull away, all of us panting.

"Little one if we continue, we won't stop. We're going to mark you as ours." I whisper and look into his beautiful eyes.

He lets out a little whimper and nods quickly.

"Yes. I want to. Please" he begs.

I loved the way he begged for us, I wanted to take him then and there but I had one more question.

"Do you want to become one of us? If you do, you'll be fertile which means you'll be getting pregnant with our pups. I wouldn't want anything more then that but this is your choice little one." I look at Hayden and see he has the same worried face. It took him a while before he answered me.

"Y-Yes. I'd love that" he blushes a deep red and pecks my lips gently. I deepen the kiss. Hayden takes him from my arms and starts devouring his lips. I take the time to look at my little angel. He was little but his ass wasn't. It was big and round. I stood behind them and griped his ass. He lets out a whimper and pushes back into my hands. I push Hayden on the bed with Austin. I smile down as they continue their make out session. I spank Austin's ass hard making it turn pink. I groan at the sight and pull his thong to the side.

I rub his ass gently and spread it wide open. I lean in and lay a kiss on his tight puckering hole. I start licking and tongue fucking it.

"Zayden!" Austin moans in a pant. I smirk and push in a finger. He lets out a whimper and grips Hayden's arms. I finger him for a couple minutes and slowly pull out after.

"Little one, I think you're ready." He slowly climbs off Hayden and turns around to face me.

"O-Ok daddy" he turns a bright red and looks down. I groan and look at Hayden.

"What did you say baby? Come on tell me one more time" I whisper into his ear and make him look up at me

"D-Daddy" I lose control and attack his lips with mine.

"Hayden, baby... Go ahead. Take his virginity." I wanted to. I really did but it was the least I can do for Hayden. I had Austin to myself for a awhile.  I took his first kiss and now I wanted Hayden to have Austin's virginity.

I look at Hayden and see him looking surprised. I smile at him and bring his face to me. I kiss him deeply and smile

"Are you sure?" Hayden whispers against my lips.

"I'm positive. Go baby. Make our angel scream in pleasure." I smirk when Austin whimpers out in need.

Hayden removes Austin's thong and throws it to the ground. I had prepared him already but he wanted to be sure our little one was ready. And let me be honest me and my brother aren't small. No we're at least 11 inches. The last time I measured it was 11, I was only 17. I'm not so sure we're still this size. And when our wolf takes over, we're even bigger. Now I know what you're thinking, how is our little Austin going to take such thing.

Well he's our mate, his body was made for us and us for him. Now I'm not saying he's lose. I know he's far from it. But let's just say it'll be fine. 

When Hayden finished fingering our angel, he grabs the lube and spreads it on his cock and on the rim of my baby.

Our baby lets out a little moan and whimper. He looks at me with a look of need. I pull his face to mine and smile.

"We'll be very careful baby. Hayden's going to make you feel so good. All you have to do is relax and enjoy." I peck his lips and nod at Hayden to start. I don't let Austin look away, instead I push my lips to his to help him get his mind off of what's going to happen. Hayden gently pushes in. Austin whimpers and pants.

"It's ok baby. Hayden go ahead. Is that ok if he does baby?" I ask Austin just to make sure. He nods and looks at Hayden. Hayden finally pushes all in and freezes so that Austin could get used to his size. After a while Austin starts rolling his hips and moaning.

"P-Please! Please Hayden" he whines. Hayden lets out a growl and starts pulling out and pushing into our angels tight little hole. I watch in awe and let out a growl.

"How does it feel baby? Does it feels good?" I coo sweetly into his ear. He lets out small whimpers and moans as he looks up at me with love.

"I-It feels so good d-daddy! Daddy is fucking m-me so good" he manages to moan out.

"You like how I'm fucking you angel? I'm glad you do because I'm not planning to stop anytime soon. Look at daddy's cock, why don't you give it some love baby" Hayden grunts and coos into Austin's ear. Before I can even comprehend what he said, Austin had taken me into his warm wet mouth. I let out a growl and grasp his head.

"Oh fuck baby! Your mouth feels so good!" I moan and rub his face softly. He bobs his head fast and moans making my cock vibrate in his mouth.

"Austin, baby ahh! Fuck I'm going to cum. Cum with me baby" after a few more thrust, try both cum. The sight before me was to much and I felt myself releasing into his warm mouth. My baby milks my cock dry and pulls away. While he was coming down from his high, I tilt his head and mark him at the same time Hayden does. He moans loud in pain and pleasure. We like his bite marks clean and watch them heal.

"You're such a good boy baby. Come here" I take him into my arms and peck his lips and cuddle him to my chest.

"You gotta rest angle. Now that we marked you, you'll be changing but it'll be less painful if you sleep" Hayden tells him as he kisses his forehead.

We both lay down as I place home between us.

"I love you both" he whispers just before he falls asleep. I look at Hayden as he looks at me. I reach over and kiss him gently.

"You did good baby. You have him so much pleasure. Now we both need to sleep in order to have energy to help him with the transformation." He smiles and nods.

"I love you both" We both say together. We chuckle and wrap our arms around our little one and let sleep take over as well.

I'm so sorry! I'm the worst author ever! My life right now is not going well. I start school Monday and well... I'm going through a rough time... My grandma has been in the hospital for almost a month and then they've been telling us she might not make it but she pushes through.. They told us again yesterday and well we're all hoping for the best right now... I'm praying with my life right now.. Thank you my loves for still sticking with me. It means a lot to me.



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