Chapter 12

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Our sexy twins. Zayden and Hayden. Just imagine 2!

Zayden's P.O.V

I never in a million years thought I'd had 2 amazing mates. Not only that but one was my student! On top of that my other mate was my twin who I never thought I'd be seeing again. I was the happiest man alive.

Hayden and Austin were cuddling on the couch while I made us dinner. My mates looked so cute together. I would have thought I'd be jealous, but I really wasn't, in fact it was a huge turn on. My brother and Austin were the sexiest men alive, hands down. It was kinda weird though. I do wonder why Austin's twin, Danny wasn't our mate as well or at least my brothers? I guess I shouldn't question the Goddess. She knows exactly what she's doing and I have all confidence in her.

"Loves! Dinner is ready. Come get your plates please" I yell out to my breath taking mates. They run in the kitchen,
well more like Hayden runs into the kitchen while Austin holds onto him for deer life.

"It smells delicious baby!" Austin says cheerfully and slowly climbs off of Hayden. Hayden kisses his head softly before walking over to me. I wrap my arm around his waist and peck his lips gently. We look over to our angel as he stares at us with lust filled eyes.

We smirk and just decided to not tease him anymore. I step away slowly and pick up the plates, Hayden grabs the drinks, and Austin grabs the utensils. We all walk over to the table and set everything down before sitting and eating. After we finish, I pick up all the dishes and put them in the sink, Austin pushes me over.

"I'll wash them baby. You already cooked for us. It's the lease I can do."

I smile and wrap my arms around his waist. I kiss the back of his neck and smile at Hayden as he wraps his arms around my waist. Soon Austin finishes and we all walk to our room upstairs. Austin goes in the shower while me and Hayden lay on the bed.

"Do you think he's ready baby?" I ask Hayden as I play with his hair while he lays his head on my chest.

"What do you mean babe?" He looks up at me with a confused face.

"Do you think he's ready to mate with us, to become one of us and have our pup?" I ask while sitting up

"In all honesty, I think our angel is more then ready... Hey stop it! Don't over think this ok? We can try and if he's not ready he'll tell us. He might be all innocent looking and shy but he can be quite a feisty little thing when he wants to" he say laughing, soon after I join in. We don't realize our little one had walked out.

"What's so funny?" He asks quietly. He was wearing a robe which was weird, he always came out the shower with a towel around his waist. Instead of questioning him, I stand and look down at him.

"Nothing little one, now tell me why you're wearing a robe? Is they're something your hiding from us?" I ask joking. He looks down while biting his lip, playing with his fingers.

"Maybe..." I look at him confused and turn around, motioning Hayden to come. I raise his head so he's looking at me and Hayden.

"Hey baby, it's ok. What is it?" I ask softly. He keeps biting his lip and reaches down to undo the strap. I step back a bit and look at the sexiest sight I have ever seen. Austin was wearing a tight thong, black with lace patterns.

We stand there, me and Hayden, looking surprised.

"I know I look stupid, I'm going to go change" he whispers quietly, letting out a little sob.

We quickly wrap him in our arms and hold him to our chest

"No baby, don't. You look far from stupid. You look so sexy little one. Your such a beauty. You have us in the little palm of your hands. Just look" I whisper in his ear. We both grab his hands and place them on our hard ons

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