Brothers at War - Part 24

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In preparation for getting across the enemy base the men emptied their packs and went over things they could use for the mission. They set aside night vision goggles, bandages and first aid kits. They put away things like rain jackets and their food rations. They then kept the things they needed at the top of their bags and put the night vision goggles on. The removed anything that would make noise on their uniforms and made sure their guns were working fine.

 John suggested that they split up and Chase agreed. 5 of them in a group was going to a lot harder to keep hidden. It was decided that Chase and Raymond would stay together and go first and the others would follow.

 At 1700 hours Raymond and Chase rose from the foxhole and walked silently like ghosts through the forest towards the edge where the base was. With the 2016 latest night vision goggles everything was lit up and green and could be seen perfectly. Every movement was highlighted and anything that was alive was highlighted red. Once they reached the edge of the forest they crouched down silently and calculated how many enemy soldiers there were.    

Chase felt a little stupid though. The enemy probably had the same night vision technology or even better technology and would most definitely have someone or many people on guard. There was a very high chance that they were sitting ducks and the enemy was going to pounce as soon as they made a run for it. Despite that risk Chase couldn't see anything better to do. He tried thinking. He looked to Ian and knew that he was thinking as well. Sneaking through the enemy territory seemed much too easy. 

Chase looked to the lit up silhouettes on the night vision goggles. He counted 10 enemy soldiers. The rest must still be on the patrol. He looked at how they were positioned. 3 appeared to be sitting, probably having a drink or something. 2 appeared to be standing at attention guarding something. and the other 5 appeared to be stationed around the main perimeter of the clearing. 

Could they cause a distraction? Would that be enough to give them time to run through the base? Chase then thought about it. If they caused a distraction then the base would be on full alert and the others would have no chance of getting through. 

"What's that?" Ian suddenly whispered looking at Chase.

"What is what?" Chase asked confused and then he heard it. Many many footsteps could be heard through coming through the forest. Chase rummaged through his bag and pulled out his binoculars and looked through them towards the direction of the sound. It didn't take long to find them. The way they were moving through the trees and causing everything to move and rustle was a complete contrast to the peaceful stillness that was around them. He focused the binoculars and looked to some of the soldier’s faces. They had masks for the cold and goggles over their faces, no doubt giving them night vision abilities. 

"Shit" Chase thought to himself. "Quick, we need to get out of here" Chase said under his breath. "In that bush over there, lets go"

They ran for the bush and got as low as they could. Hopefully if they stayed low the enemy wouldn’t notice them through their night vision goggles. 

Huddled low in the bush the two men listened to the patrol come closer and closer. Chase hoped the others were safe out there in the forest somewhere, no doubt hiding like them. As the group made it's way closer and closer to Chase and Ian the machinery became louder and louder. They must be on the small dirt road now. That was a relief.

Suddenly Ian stood. "I know what to do, come with me"

"What are you doing?! Are you trying to get us killed?!" Chase whispered after him.

"Trust me"

Chase stood as well. He didn’t have a plan so this was better than nothing. He just hoped to god that it didn’t get the both of them killed. He followed Ian and they made their way to the road. Once they were near enough to see the machinery and men passing they ducked and hid in a bush. Chase sat looking at all the machinery and counting all the people hopelessly wondering what the hell they were about to do. Ian on the other hand was concentrating hard and watching for the end of the line. 

"Ok there’s two military vehicles at the end of the line. What we're going to do is jump on the back and take it over by force. Then we have a vehicle and we can just follow the line until we get to the base and then we'll drive it to the other side. There’s probably a 90% chance that we'll get caught or chased so we'll have to have our weapons ready."

"We're going to die" 

"Probably. But if we stay out here any longer we're going to starve or freeze to death" 

"Do you still have your tranquilizer dart?" One of the weapons given to the US army troops was tranquilizer darts both to be used for medical emergency’s and the enemy if needed. Tranquilizing the drivers of the trucks would make life a lot easier. 

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