30 Fading Zen

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A/N: Please be mindful of the warnings in the summary, as there is drug use in this chapter. After editing, it turned out longer than I originally planned, so I'll upload 31 as soon as I get it edited.

Don't do drugs.



Louis' head is screaming. He opens his eyes and is stricken with vibrant yellows and oranges. He clambers out of Harry's bed to the bathroom and slams the door shut. He opens the toilet lid just in time.

His stomach heaves over and over again as he threw up into the toilet. He cries as bile comes out his nose. Feeling the remaining bile surface up into his mouth, he gags and coughs into the toilet. His whole body is sweating. He reaches up to flush the toilet and grab some tissues to blow his nose.

He feels a soft hand on his back, making small circles. It's extremely comforting. Tears continue streaming out of his eyes from the burning in his mouth and nose. He wipes his eyes and when he retracted his hand, it's smeared with black and a chunk of fake eyelashes.

He sobs out harder and turns into Harry, who wraps his arms around him. Louis notices he is naked and Harry is fully clothed.

Louis speaks brokenly and softly. "Help me please." He isn't completely sure what he needs help with. But he knows he needs it from Harry.

Harry pets his hair then pulls him away. He grabs a face towel off the counter, face wash, and make-up remover.

Louis' sobbing slows down to sniffles as Harry wets the rag and gently scrubs the make-up off Louis' face. "Keep your eyes closed love." Louis closes his eyes.

Harry plucks off the fake eyelashes and rubs cleaning solution onto his eyes.

Four face rags and a bottle of face wash later, Louis' face, neck, and chest are completely free of any makeup. The smells are overwhelming and make him nauseous again.

Only through his mouth this time, he throws up into the toilet more and Harry leaves the bathroom for a minute. When he returns, Louis is dry heaving.

"It hurts Haz." He breathes out and spits into the toilet. His eyes are watering again.

"I know love. Rinse out with some water. If you can, then drink some too." Harry hands a water bottle towards Louis.

"My throat hurts too much. My head hurts. I need acetaminophen or something please." He flushes the toilet, then rests his head against the seat, not caring for the sanitary condition of it.

"Lou, you can't take it on an empty stomach. You'll have to eat first." Harry strokes the side of Louis' face.

Louis' eyes water. "Can I have some whiskey then? Please?"

Harry pauses and sighs. "Sure babe. Hang on." He exits the bathroom again and comes back with a shot glass filled with a yellow brown liquid. He hands it to Louis.

Louis takes a deep breath then swallows the whiskey. It numbs his throat and coats the taste of throw up, making him significantly less nauseous. He hand the empty glass back to Harry.

"Okay, now you have to drink some water for me. Or would you rather have orange juice?" Harry rests a hand on Louis' knee.

"Orange juice please." Louis closes his eyes and repositions himself against the wall, feeling bad for making Harry leave again.

Harry walks in again and Louis opens his eyes. He takes the glass of orange juice and drinks it slowly. His headache is dulled from the whiskey and he is already starting to feel a little better. "What happened last night? I know I'll remember. It's just... too early to think that hard."

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