RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! You're lucky you had a chance. We Didn't.

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We trudged through a heavily wooded area, the instructed occasionally stooping us to lecture on about something. Chloe dragged me. After a long time, we headed back (YES!) but were separated from the group. (NO! SO CLOSE!) No biggie, I thought. I was proved wrong. We took a wrong turn and ended up hopelessly lost in the woods.
"Cara, I'm scared." Chloe whispered.
I was too, but I didn't want to admit it.
"Don't worry Chloe. We'll be okay." I said, trying to reassure myself more than her.
Just then, a hyena charged out of the trees and snarled at us, as a wolf, a bat, and an alligator arrived. The hyena then ordered the others to do something, and they charged. The alligator and wolf pinned my down, while the bat sneered at me. The hyena pinned my little sister to a tree, and said something to the bat. The bat nodded and flew off into the woods. A few minutes later a man walked out of the trees. He bowed to the hyena and said; "I'll hold her. Go get some rope." He was obviously talking to the wolf and alligator, because they took off after he was finished. He pinned me down and only chuckled at my attempts to get out of his grip. I struggled, squirmed and kicked, but to no avail. A women and a man walked out of the woods carrying some rope. Wait a second, he told those animals to go get some rope. If they got him some rope....... No, that's silly. The people tied me to Chloe and the next thing I knew, the only things standing in front of me were a hyena, a wolf, an alligator, and a bat. My jaw dropped. The only explanation.... These strange people were werecreatures.

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