~Danny's POV~

I feel horrible about this. Alyssa's been incredibly quiet since she saw what was on the news three days ago. Jack's been calling me nonstop from different pay phones making sure she's okay. Of course, my answer is always the same. No, she's not. This is the first time in a long time she's been this serious about a guy, and now she has to believe that he's dead. She just has to feel this for a few more hours.

"Hey." I hear a quiet voice.

I look up to see Alyssa.

"Hey," I start putting my phone down and getting up to give her a hug. "How are you doing?" I ask already knowing her answer.

She just shrugs.

"I've been better." She replies before going silent again.

"Come on. We should probably start getting ready for tonight." I said.

She just nodded and walked back to her room.

~Alyssa's POV~

The numbness hasn't gone away.

I'm sad all the time. I've been burying my sadness in endless buckets of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I'm sure eventually I'll go back to normal, but I'm no where near that.

Henley and Merritt are already at the venue making sure everything is set, Danny and I are going to head over in a few minutes.

I can't believe it's been a year. This is the last show that we're going to do in a while. If I'm remembering correctly, we're supposed to find out who our "leader" is. The person that brought us all together and started this is going to reveal himself, or herself, tonight and honestly, I'm excited about it.

"Hey," I hear Danny from behind me. "You ready?"

"Hold on a second." I tell him as I go to my mirror to make sure everything is perfect. I had on a peach colored crop top, a pair of high waist black jeans, some black wedges, and a set of chokers on.

"Let's go." I said grabbing my black cardigan and walking out.

This show is for Jack.

--After the show--

"I can't believe it." I heard Merritt say from the back of the van.

"We're...done." Henley said.

"It feels weird." I added in while concentrating on the road.

"You know where we're supposed to go right?" Danny asked from the passenger seat.

"Yeah," I said while putting my blinkers on to make a turn. "We're going to the park to the tree to find the card and all of our dreams are going to come true." I said sarcastically.

"Nice to know you still have your sense of humor." He said. I could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

"Here we are." I said looking at the giant gate and shutting the car off.

We all got out of the car and walked towards the gate only to find a giant lock on the other side.

"So what now?" Henley asked.

"No one said we were going to have to pick a lock."

I stayed silent as I turn my back to the gate and lean against the stone pillar on the side. I know someone who would've been able to pick it with no problem.

"Haven't I ever told you that nothing is ever locked?" We hear.

I instantly freeze.

That voice.



There's literally no way.

I feel multiple eyes on me as I slowly straighten up and turn around.

At first all I see is a hood with no face.

Then as he slowly raises his head, I see a smirk I would know anywhere and a set of eyes I thought I'd never see again.

I realize I'm staring with wide eyes and my mouth slightly open.

"Jack" I finally breathed out.


Love you

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