June 18, 2015 - The Wattpad website is about to get even better!

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The Wattpad website is about to get even better. In our commitment to constantly update and improve the website you've loved since 2006, we've refreshed a number of pages on our website including:

The Homepage

The genre pages

Your Library

Discover > Browse

Your Reading Lists

Give them a try when you see them and let us know what you think. To report any major issues you encounter, please go to Wattpad Help (www.wattpad.com/help). Your feedback will help us improve the site for everyone.

You will also have the option to temporarily revert back to the experience you had previously. To do so, simply click on your profile on the top-right corner, then "Settings", then check the option "Revert to previous design". We would encourage you to tell us (www.wattpad.com/help) what is causing you to want to use the old experience, so we could help fix any problems.

Thank you for being a part of this effort. Over the past few months our team has been working hard to update our beloved website, to update both the code base and the aesthetics which have mostly been left untouched since 2006. We want to make sure you are enjoying the updated experience and a code base that can better accommodate the large community that we have built. Additionally, we feel that the website experience should match your expectations of the Android and iOS apps. This is just the beginning -- we are always working toward improvements from your feedback. Experiences will continue to evolve to make our website better for everyone. Hope you will like the new look as much as we do!

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