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Moving is a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings of doubt. I left some of my closest friends and family which tore me to pieces. My little brother and I are close and he almost made me cancel my opportunity. My parents were supportive of every action i took because it was difficult to find an opportunity like this in Chicago. I have an older brother who was 34 working as an officer. His name was Silas. Atleast I had him there.
I took a job opportunity in Gerogia as a veterinarian. I was 26, too young to be certified but I passed. I worked in farms and clinics which wasn't such a struggle even though they were opposite ways. Concidering we're in partial country, I'm sure I'll be busy.

Boxes and boxes are what kept coming out of the truck. My parents insisted on coming to help but it would be used as their vacation days and I wanted them to use those days to visit me when im settled in. Not an ant rushing to build tunnels.
"So you're living in a family sized house all by yourself?" Silas stood at the doorway with his hands on his hips. "Holy cow! You came!" I gave my brother a hug after months of not seeing him. "How've you been sis?" "Over all, I've been great. But right now, i just feel..." i paused not knowing how i truly felt. "That feeling will go away, trust me." Of course i had to trust him. He's been in my shoes. "It's so great to see you. It really is." I couldnt be any happier right now. We walked back to the movers truck and the first thing i noticed were all these people looking at their porches at me. "And that will fade away after a few weeks." I almost dropped the box of plates in my hands as Silas said that. "Weeks?" He couldn't stop laughing at me. Just what i need; me to be the show. "So how's leah and the kids?" Over here, i had twin nieces and a sister in law who i got along with...sometimes. I got inside the truck, pushing boxes forward. "They're good. The girls are growing up too fast now. Almost seven...can you believe that?" "I'll come and see them soon if Leah let's me." Mentioning her name created an awkward silence. Leah had cheated on my brother in the beginning and caused this crater in our family. I knew right away she wasn't good for him but i let my brother live his life. When she found out she was pregnant, she didn't know who the dad was. Well, she's lucky they were my brother's because i would have kicked her ass. If they weren't then they wouldnt be trying to make them work. Silas cleared his throat. "I actually bought something for the girls if you wouldn't mind taking it to them." He smiled. I love kids and would do anything to make them happy. I looked in a box pulling out two small boxes that held necklaces but when i came out, Silas was on the phone. "Did the witch call you home?" Yep, that was the name i gave her after all that tension she brought apon us. He didn't like it yet he knew i was some what right. He just doesn't want to admit it. "Okay sorry I'll stop." I laughed. "I called a few of my buddies to see if they can help with the heavy lifting. They'll be here in ten minutes." I couldn't see any harm in that so i agreed. Most officers are pretty old or a little over weight, i just hoped they didn't hurt their back. I started placing the boxes in the kitchen or on the sides of the stairs.
Those ten minutes flew past me. "Jordan!" Silas called for my name. I headed out and to only stop dead in my tracks seeing two attractive men in uniforms. Old and over weight was definitely not apart of being a sheriff. "This is my sister Jordan." I shook hands with the brown eyes. "I'm Shane Walsh. Your brother is a good buddy of mine I'll tell ya that." I smiled a bit not able to unstick my tongue. I shook the next Sheriff's hand who held blue piercing eyes. "I'm Rick, Rick Grimes." I think i might have held his hand a little too long and as soon as i realized, i let go.
I felt as if i couldn't control myself having them right in front of me. Especially Rick until i noticed the ring on his finger. Dissapointment took over me a little. "These are the jack asses i told you i work with." Silas said while heading to the truck. "Nice to meet you both really uh I'm sorry to bother you guys." "It really is no bother miss." Rick said. "You don't have to call me mis." I chuckled out of nervousness. "I uh have some furniture you guys can help me with." I walked towards the truck feeling the two pairs of eyes on my back. This was going to suck. I just knew it.
"Well damn. We got everything alright. You're livin in a big house all by yourself?" Shane had said standing by the window. "That's exactly what my brother said. I'd rather have more space than less." Rick kept his eyes on me as Shane as well. "Jordan order some pizza will you?" "So bossy." I said under my breath but i love him. "I-I can't. I have to get back to my wife. She'll be uh-" "come on man. Just stay." I had saw in the corner of my eye that Shane had elbowed Rick as they both kept eyeing me. Thank God he wanted to stay.

I had ordered the pizza which was pretty late and poured in some coke for everybody. They asked questions about my motorcycle, and why i moved out here. "I actually live next door." Rick blurted out causing me to almost choke on my soda. "Are you okay?" "Y-yeah. Wrong p-pipe" i lied. I cannot concentrate especially if he lived next door. "That's great! Is this a good area?" "Aint no gun shots or alot of fights if that's what you're lookin for" Shane added. "Sometimes, you'll hear a party or two. There are these parents that go out of town alot and leave their kids home. When you have teens alone then you know there will be a mess in the neighborhood." "Well thanks for the info guys. Really. This is a big transition for me." I smiled at both of them but held my eyes longer at Ricks. I really had to stop but couldnt control my self. Shane coughed. "Thanks so much for the food and everything." He smiled offering his hand again. Rick did the same following behind him. "You can take back your thanks. I'm thanking you guys for sparing your time to help someone you know you'll hate." I smirked. I felt my stomach filled with butterflies while looking at both. "I'll see ya sis. You take care and don't let the ghost haunt you." I punched Silas in the arm. As a child, he always tried to scare me. Waving off and standing on the porch, i watched as Shane and Silas drove off while Rick stood on his porch, standing and looking in my direction. He titlted his hat and walked inside. I closed the door, sliding down to the ground while covering my face. He's a married man that lives next door who i barely know. I was frustrated that i just met him and I have a tiny crush on him.

And he just had to bt my neighbor.

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