Paul's 22th birtday

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Just a little silly story I wrote because it's Paul's birthday today!!

I hope you'll enjoy it.

(I don't own the Beatles)

John woke up by an annoying sound. He hated to be woken up so he grunted and opened his eyes.

He suddenly heard what is was. It were the fans screaming outside the hotel.


"Damn those stupid fans...." John mumbled and looked walked over to the window.

Paul and he had forgotten to close it before they went to sleep. Great....

The fans screamed even louder when they saw John appear at the window.

John waved a little uninterested and annoyed and quickly closed the window to shut the bloody noise down.

He right away enjoyed the quietness once it was closed and turned back around to the bed he shared with Paul.

John now only heard an soft relaxing breathing sound. It came from the bed.

There was Paul lying and still deeply asleep and didn't seem to have heard the screaming.

John smiled and thought about the great night he had with Paul to pre celebrate Paul's 22th birthday. He just wanted to be the first to celebrate it with him and have his Macca all to himself, knowing that probably the rest of the day he would not get much alone time with him.

He had given Paul all he got and so now the poor thing probably was all tired out.

John sat back down on the bed and opened the drawer from his temporary nightstand. He took out a little jewellery box and he smiled a little wider.

He couldn't wait to give his present to his birthday boy.

John crawled on the bed and laid himself next to Paul and stared at him lovingly while playing a little with Paul's dark locks. God...he really is so gorgeous....

Paul was lying on his back with his face turned to John. John glared at his thick eyelashes, baby doll face and his beautiful lips. His lips were slightly parted and John could hear Paul's soft peaceful breathing.

"Peaceful eh..?" John chuckled while a sneaky smile formed on his face. He suddenly had changed his mind to wake up Paul nice and lovingly. No....he decided to have some fun with him first.

John pecked Paul's cheek quickly and jumped up from the bed.

He put back the jewellery box back into the drawer and quickly put on his boxers and run as quiet as he could out of the bedroom giggling all the way over to the door attached to Ringo and George's room.

When he reached the door John loudly banged his fists on the door and burst into the bedroom of his mates without waiting for an answer.

"WHAH...?!!....I'm coming Brian!!!..." Ringo called while he sat up straight in his bed immediately.

"It's just me Rings!!" John laughed out loud while he jumped on George's side of the bed and started to jump up and down to wake the lazy bastard. It was always a hard job to wake George.

"Wake up you two!!" John called while continuing his jumping about "It's Macca's birthday and let's have some fun with the birthday boy!!"

Suddenly John felt his legs disappear from underneath him and he fell on the bed on top of George.

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