The Ending To This Drawn Out Story

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We both take off running towards the truck as fast as we can. Along the way Hunter breaks away from me but pushes me toward the truck. I get to the passenger side as quick as possible and watch as he stabs Jack's tires with his switchblade. At that point I realize Jack isn't at the door anymore.

Panicking I honk the horn to warn Hunter but it's too late. Jake comes up behind him and kicks him to the ground sending Hunter's knife out of his hand. I gasp in horror as I watch the two fight with each other as Hunter punches Jack in the mouth.

Luckily Hunter is stronger than me and he is able to push Jack off of him and grab the switch blade. He takes off running with Jack in tow and throws his bags in the back of the truck. Climbing in the driver's seat Hunter quickly starts the engine and backs out of his driveway as quick as possible, leaving Jack sprawled out on the ground behind his car.

Within seconds we are speeding down the road and out of the city. All I can do is shake my head and stare at the boy who was able to take down the one person who has tortured me my whole life. For hours it felt like I stared at him.

"What?" Hunter says as he laughs a little. By now the seriousness of the whole situation has settled.

"Thank You. Just Thank You" I whispered back still staring at me.

Giving me side glances Hunter reaches out his hand and I take it. "Jess, I told you I wouldn't let him hurt you and I don't plan on changing that. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe." All I can do is shake my head. I mean, what did I do to deserve this type of person.

"Hunter, I just don't understand. Why are you helping me? Why are you risking your life to safe mine? I mean so many other people before you have seen the way my life is and yet no one even asked me about it. I mean, I never told anyone, but they had to notice. Why would you be the one to stand up for me?"

"Because Jesse. I see something in you that the others probably couldn't. I see a strong willed girl who has so much to live for. So much to offer the world. Why would I just sit back and let that go to waste?" By now tears are running down my face and Hunter has slowed the truck to a normal speed.

"Thank You Hunter....Thank you!"

"Anything for My Little Cowgirl"

Cue everyone being very disappointed. I really feel like a lot of you will be disappointed but I'm sorry.... So, ummm, this is it. This is where the journey ends. The journey that began two years ago and has been strung out ever since. I don't know what I thought was going to come out of this story when I started it and I think that was my problem. I had no idea what I wanted this story to be about and that is why I have sucked at writing it... But I think I know what needs to be done now. I need to end this. I need to finally close this book and let it sit because I have nothing planned out for it. But I think this has all been a great learning experience for me...I have learned that if I have no plot for a story I SHOULDN'T WRITE ABOUT IT!

I just feel so bad because at first SO many people were really into it and then I just left them. I mean, I know from experience how much it hurts to wait for a book you really like to update....I just feel bad...I mean I guess all in all it has been fun. I have learned as a writer that I need a little bit more structure and I feel as if that is really going to help me as I continue to write more books. Which I am by the way. If You like my writing style or the way I put things don't be afraid to check out my new book I'm working on (I actually have a fully drawn out plan for it) called Elements Of Survival. I also have another book planned out once I get comfortable with an updating schedule and creating a schedule to write and revise.

I would just like to thank everyone who has ever read this book. Because of people like you people continue to write because of the kind words you all have to say. I feel really blessed to have as many people click on this book as they did. It has been a blast to write for you all.... Goodbye. Hopefully I will write to you again, just under a different story.

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