Chapter 13 - THE END

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Three weeks have passed and my little man Daniel James was taken home from the hospital and he’s absolutely amazing, he sleep really well through the night and he loves his daddy.

I’m currently lying on the floor playing with Dan, he’s so cute. While I was playing with Dan the doorbell rang. I sighed lightly and pulled myself off the floor. I picked up little DJ as Zane like to call him and walked slowly to the front door wondering silently who it

could be, all of my friends knew to call before they came to visit. I opened the door and nearly dropped the baby. “Riley…” I breathed gripping Daniel.

“Is that my son?” he whispered staring intently at the baby not breaking his gaze. It was almost a loving gaze but I’m smart enough not to fall for that.

“You walked away Riley, you weren’t at the birth and it’s been three weeks!” I hissed. “So no, this is Zane’s son!” I went to close the door in his face but he blocked it with his foot. My heart started to race, I hoped he wouldn’t show his violent side while I was holding Daniel.

“Gabi that’s not fair you kicked me out, I was trying to give you space!” he argued and tried to push his way through the door.

“Riley I swear to God if you take one step inside this house I will call the police!” I barked and Daniel started to whimper. I looked down at him and stroked his cheek with my thumb and told him it was alright.

“What’s his name?” he asked as I was trying to settle him.

“His name is Daniel James.” I answered; I suppose he sort of had a right.

“Can I come in?” he asked politely.

“No. Zane isn’t here and to be honest I don’t want you anywhere near my child.” I told

him confidently.

“Wait did you say before that he was Zane’s son?” Riley asked urgently coming to a realization.

“Yeah I did. A lot has happened since I made you leave, Riley.”

“Like what?” he snickered a filthy smirk appeared on his face and I wished I could slap it off. But as long as Daniel was in the house I wouldn’t do a thing.

“Zane and I got together.” I said simply, leaving out the important fact that we were engaged.

“Anything worth knowing?” he dismissed with another smirk.

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