Chapter 7

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So, Finn waited outside my house. Maybe he wanted to see if I suddenly got powers?

Right before I was thrown into the car, he calls my name.

I yell "Finn!"

He runs over, but the door closes. He starts pounding on the door, but it doesn't open.

I reach for the handle, but the woman shoves my handcuffs down.

I just stare at Finn through the window. He closes his eyes for a second, and suddenly the window starts to go down.

He says "Nova!"

I say "why are you here?!"

He says "I just wanted to see if you were a Normal or not."

I sigh and say "I'm sorry Finn."

He says "it's not your fault."

I say "no, not about this."

He says "what?"

I sigh and say "you're my best friend in the world and if I weren't a Normal I probably would've gone out with you."

He says "really?"

I nod and say "yeah, probably."

Then suddenly the window starts going up. And the engine starts.

Finn says "Nova!"

Then, the window is all the way up, and the car starts moving.

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