Chapter 1

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"We finally graduated". My best friend Sonia said excitedly as we were walking to my car. "Stupid College."

I sighed nodding slowly.
Don't get me wrong I was as exited as her.
But my parents have an announcement and I don't know why I am so worried. My father has a serious look on his face.
Maybe something happened to my sister, Sandra.

I scoffed at myself. If that was the case, they would have told me immediately.

But it looked important and I have no idea what it is.

"I know right. No more stupid high school teenagers and stupid teachers". Mira, my other best friend, said smiling.

When I didn't say anything, she turned to me frowning.
I was always the one to back her up when she was talking about how she hated high school.
Sonia, in the other hand, loved school, for some weird reason.

"Sarah, what's wrong? Aren't you excited?". Mira said taking my hands in hers jumping up and down. I chuckled.

"Of course I am". I said laughing at her behaviour. "I was just thinking".

She has always been the crazy one. Our spitfire.

"You're thinking about what your parents have to tell you. Don't worry. If it doesn't kill you then everything's fine. Plus there's the gala tonight". Sonia said smiling at me.

My father and Sonia's has been working together and are friends for years now.
So we have been friends since
And tonight there is this gala I have to go with my parents and Sonia will be there to with hers.
Mira's father is a lawyer and her mom is a stylist so they are not involved in that kind of event. Fortunately for her. Those events can be really boring sometimes.

"Yeah. I'll see you tonight then". I said hugging both of them and heading to my car as they did the same.

"Enjoy your boring night while I get drunk at Andre's party". I heard Mira yelled making me laugh.

I got in my car and went home


The first thing I heard walking in the house was my parents' voices.

I made my way to the living-room and saw them both there, and there conversation stopped when they saw me walk in.
Miranda was my step mother, but she has been just like our real mom for my sister and I.
And she never tried taking anything to my father or us forget about our mother.
She even put a big portrait of my mom on top of the fireplace in the living-room.

My dad married her 6 years ago, 2 years after my mother's death. He really wanted us to grow with a mother. And he really chose the perfect woman.
She always respects my mother's memory.
We love her and she makes dad happy so I'm completely fine with it.

Sandra is my older sister. She got married a year ago. She was 25.
My parents choose the man for her and got her married. Unfortunately that's how their business works.
Her husband, Nick, is a really good man. Sandra was so against. I remember her locking herself in her room for days only letting Miranda in.

She was never forced though. It was a proposition she could have refused eventually. But after talking to Nick once or twice. She suddenly had that crush on him.
We have been teasing her about it for weeks before her wedding.

But she's happy now.
She hated his guts so much. And when she told me how much she loved him a couple of months ago, to say I was shocked would be an understatement.
Every one was shocked including my parents.

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