Chapter 2

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The boat came as soon as I got there. I stood there with the sign in hand, waiting for these boys. Honestly I was getting impatient.
Soon two boys came over to me. One was about 12 and had light brown curly hair with blue/green eyes, the other one was about the same age, if not a year older than me... I'll admit. He's cute. He had dark brown hair the swept to the side, slightly covering his face and he had dark brown eyes. He was wearing a hood with headphones wrapped around his neck.
"Gray and Zach?" I questioned. They both nodded.
"I'm Yankee and I'll be showing you around today!" I exclaimed happily.
"Where's Aunt Claire? She said she would be with us today!" Gray said looking teary eyed.
"Your Aunt Claire is busy with some stuff today but I promise you that she will spend all day with you tomorrow." I explained slightly bending down to his height. A few tears streamed down his face.
"Hey knock it off! Don't start that here!" Zach snapped at his younger brother. Wow. Rude much? I gave him a dirty look.
"Hey, hey, hey. Don't cry. I promise I will make this the best day of your life." I smiled wiping the tears from his face. He smiled and nodded.
"Do you work here?" Gray questioned. I nodded my head with a smile. "What do you do?"
"I train dinosaurs." I smiled proudly. Gray looked at me in awe, whereas Zach scoffed and rolled his eyes. This boys attitude.
"Yeah right." He pulled out his phone and went on it.
"I'll show you later." I whispered to Gray. His smile grew wide.
"So is Yankee your real name?" Zach asked, bored. I shook my head no. "Then what is it?" He smirked.
"That is for me to know and you to never find out." I said with a small wink "Now. Do you guys want to see the Mosasaurus?" Gray nodded and pulled me towards the Mosasaurus arena. Zach was following us but he was still on his phone.
We find our seats in the arena. In front of us was a dead great while shark, hanging from a wired.
"Let's see if she's still hungry." Courtney the announcer said. all of a sudden the Mosasaurus jumped out of the water and grabbed the shark. When she went back down, the water splashed over all of us and we began to laugh.
"That was awesome!" Zach exclaimed looking at me with a smile. I nodded in agreement.
"Let's get a closer look shall we?" Courtney asked as the seats in the arena sink down, revealing a rather large tank. Half of the shark was sinking down until the Mosasaurus swam buy and ate it.
"She is absolutely beautiful." I cooed. From the corner of my eye, I saw Gray nod in agreement. After the show we walked around the park a little bit.
"Do you guys want to go to the museum?" I questioned. Gray nodded as we began walking towards the the museum. As soon as we got in Gray went crazy and started running around and doing the activities that were there.
"Is that Zach and Gray? Look at how big you guys have gotten!" Claire exclaimed coming down the spiral stairs that lead to the main office. Shortly followed by Owen. I went up to him and began talking.
"So what did Claire talk to you about?" I wiggled my eyebrows at him. You see... Owen and Claire used to be a thing. So, I like to give him a hard time about that. He gave me a playful shove.
"She wants to show me a genetic hybrid they created in the lab. We're going to check it out later." Owen explained. I nodded with a smirk but it slowly went away as I thought about what he said.
"Wait. She made a dinosaur?" I questioned. "I have to see this."
"Let me go talk to Claire. I'm sure she'll have her assistants watch the boys." Owen walked past me and began talking to Claire. How could the create a genetic hybrid? I wonder why...
"Yankee. Let's go!" Owen called breaking me from my thoughts. I looked over and saw Zara with the boys. Zara was Claire's British assistant. I honestly didn't like her. She was too busy on her phone and had a snobby attitude. And she loves to kiss Claire's ass. I walk to the car with Claire and Owen, giving the boys and Zara a quick wave.
"I'll see you guys later today!" I called before getting in the car. Claire drove us to a containment far away from everything else. We got out of the car and hurried into the building.
"So why exactly did you make a genetic hybrid?" I questioned.
"Well. The people wanted something more. A simple T-Rex just doesn't interest anyone anymore. The people want something bigger, scarier, and more teeth." Claire explained opening the door to the viewing area. I walked up to the viewing glass to see if I could find this so called 'dinosaur.'
"What is it called?" I questioned still looking around for it.
"We call it the Indominus Rex." Claire explained. I nodded, walking to the side window while Claire and Owen talked. My eyes widened at the sight.
"O-Owen." I stuttered looking back at him and pointing at the claw marks that were all over the wall. Him and Claire came over and looked at the wall.
"Oh God." Claire said.
"Get Yankee out of here." Owen demanded as he went down to go into the containment. Claire grabbed my arm, dragging me out of the viewing area and into the car.
"Claire! Did that thing get out?" I was panicking.
"Possibly... but just calm down. Everything will be all right." Claire calmly said as we pulled up to the park.
"Go find the boys and Zara. Everything will be just fine." Claire said. I nodded, trusting her. I ran into the park, dodging people as I ran around looking for the boys. Suddenly I ran into someone and fell back.
Hey! Watch where you're going." The familiar voice snapped. I looked up and saw Gray and Zach. But if they were here... Where's Zara?
"What are you guys doing without Zara?" I questioned.
"Just going on rides. She was a little busy on her phone to notice us." Zach spoke with a simple shrug of his shoulders.
"Okay... Do you guys want to go on the Gyrosphere?" I asked which earned a nod from both of them. We proceeded to walk to the monorail that took us to the Gyrosphere. Actually now that that I think about it my good friend Bryanna should be working up there right now. And since the boys have special wristbands that Claire gave them, we can cut in front of everyone. The only reason I can cut is because I work here.
Once we got on the monorail I sat in front of Zach and Gray. Zach started flirting with a bunch of girls that were sitting behind them. I just sat quietly while jealousy ran through me. Wait... What? Jealous? Was I jealous? No...maybe...yes.
"I think mom and dad are getting a divorce." Gray randomly said to Zach. Zach stopped looking at the girls and looked at Gray.
"Why would you say that?" Zach asked irritated.
"They are getting mail from different lawyers." Gray continued. By now I was looking at both of them.
"That doesn't mean anything." Zach snapped.
"They're divorce lawyers. I googled it." Gray started getting teary eyed. Zach looked upset for a minute but quickly covered it up.
"Well, whatever. All my friend's parents are divorced." He rolled his eyes. The tears were streaming down Grays face.
"Are you crying?" Zach asked, annoyed. Gray nodded. "Knock it off." Zach snapped.
"Hey! Stop treating your brother like that. He is clearly upset about the whole thing... Come here Gray." I scooted towards the window as Gray sat next to me.
"I know what you're going through is tough but it will get better. I promise." I spoke, wiping the tears off his face.
"He's upset over nothing!" Zach exclaimed angrily. "This whole thing with our parents is stupid."
"Well at least you have parents!" I snapped. "Divorced or not, you still have them. Not everyone has parents you know..." I slumped back in my seat, trying not to let the tears fall.
"What happened to your parents?" Gray asked quietly. I gave him a small smile before wiping my tears away.
"I'm not sure where they are or what they do but I was abandoned at the age of 2 weeks. I was put in an orphanage until the age of 13... Then I ran away. I met Owen and he kinda took me in and got me a job here." I explained. Gray nodded understanding. The monorail stopped and a lot of people got of. We waited until everyone was off to leave. Once off the monorail we walked to the front, where Bryanna was. the boys got in line with the people who also had special wristbands.
"Hey Yankee!" Bryanna exclaimed giving me a hug.
"Hey Bry!" I hugged her back.
"Taking a day off?" I sighed and nodded.
"Claire asked me to take her nephews around the park while also taking a day off." I explained.
"Yankee. Are you getting on?" I heard someone ask. I turned around and saw Zach and Gray in the Gyrosphere.
"No. It's okay. I won't fit anyways. There's only two seats." I waved them off before looking back at Bryanna.
"No. Go on. Sit on his lap." Bryanna said pointing to Zach who was smiling cheekily.
"No. No. I'm fine." I exclaimed as my cheeks began to heat up.
"Oh come one Yankee... I don't bite." Zach smirked.
"Someone is flirtatious." Bryanna laughed. "Just go!" She pushed me into the Gyrospher, closing the door as soon as I got in.
"I'm going to kill her when we're done." I sighed as I awkwardly say on Zach's lap. My cheeks were probably as red as a tomato. GAHH... This is going to be the longest day ever!

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